Prison Break

Prison Break was the blockbuster hit series from Fox which features two brothers, one of whom has been sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. The other brother goes to extreme lengths to break him out, even getting himself deliberately jailed to aid the process.

Lincoln Burrows, played by Dominic Purcell, and Michael Schofield, played by Wentworth Miller, are the two main stars. Wentworth Miller features more heavily and has a more dramatic story arc, but both are integral to the five seasons.

Attractive in different ways! So do you know which of the Prison Break actors are gay?

Is Michael From Prison Break Gay in the Show?

Michael Schofield is played by Wentworth Miller, and he received a lot of attention for his portrayal of the character. In getting admitted to jail. Michael had to be capable of standing up to some tough jail inmates, holding his nerve while formulating a plan for escape. Some critics said this meant his emotional range was stunted, but in later series, Wentworth was able to show different facets to the character after the break out from prison.

There are five series in total, made up of four main series and one shorter sequel. The story delves beyond a simple jail breakout as the brothers work to find out what happened and why. A shady group known as The Company were behind the stitch-up, and they continue to pursue the brothers, even after their escape to Panama. But it’s not all action; as Michael desperately seeks to stay alive and unravel the mysteries, he’s helped by Sara, a woman who worked in the prison infirmary.

Over the series, Michael falls in love with Sara, and they marry. In series 4, he gives up his life for her safety, knowing that he is already terminally ill. He leaves a message for Sara and their unborn baby, which she later names after him. Although Michael Schofield has a big following in the LGBTQ+ community, the character is not gay in the show.

Is Michael Schofield Gay in Real Life?

Michael Schofield is the character in Prison Break, played by actor Wentworth Miller. Fans of DC comic-book action will recognize him from his role as Captain Cold/Leo Snart in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Interestingly, Leo Snart is homosexual, a freedom fighter from Earth-X who is married to Ray Terrill. This makes him only the third openly LGBTQ+ character in the DC universe, and he has developed a cult following.

This personal storyline is very different from Michael Schofield, who is clearly heterosexual. So the question many people have been asking is: Wentworth Miller, is he gay or not?

Is Wentworth Miller Gay or Straight?

If you search Miller’s personal history, you will find some mixed information about whether the Prison Break star is gay. In the past, the actor has denied that he is homosexual and hidden his attraction to men. In 2007 he did an interview with InStyle magazine where he was asked the question but insisted he was straight.

Although some people don’t realize their true sexuality until later in life, that wasn’t the case here. Wentworth says he has known since the age of 15 that he was gay but felt very depressed and tried to take his own life on more than one occasion.

As a result, he was unable to be honest about his sexuality when originally asked. The truth remained hidden until August 2013 when the question of Wentworth Miller: gay or straight? was answered very clearly.

As a renowned actor, he was invited to attend the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival, but in a public letter on GLAAD’s website, Miller refused the invitation and set out his reasons why. Russia has strong anti-homosexual laws and a history of treating gay citizens badly, and Wentworth felt unable to endorse that by attending a festival in the same country.

Describing the right to be able to “live and love openly,” the actor came out of the closet for the first time and has spoken candidly about his sexuality ever since.

Does Wentworth Miller Being Gay Change Anything?

Being a homosexual man isn’t unusual in Hollywood, and many LGBTQ+ stars have played roles of many different types. The question has arisen whether the role of Michael Schofield could be reprised, but Wentworth has been quick to shut down all speculation.

Not only does the star not want to appear in Prison Break again, but he also feels strongly that his sexuality should be centered now. Explaining his feelings in a series of social media posts, Miller described how he no longer wants to play straight roles but instead wants to explore alternative characters that he feels inspired by.

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