Freddie Mercury

Was Freddie Mercury gay? That is the question still asked today, long after his death. He certainly made an impression on music fans, and his outfits made him seem camp, which caused fans to assume Freddie was gay.

However, according to guitarist Brian May, he had girls around him during the early days of Queen, rather than boyfriends. Although the pair never got as far as marriage, the main (and possibly only) female love of his life was Mary Austin. He would describe this as one of the most important relationships after they separated and remained close friends. She was even included in his will.

Was Freddie Mercury Bisexual?

It could be that Freddie Mercury was bisexual. He came out to Mary, which ended the relationship, but he still appeared to care for her more than any other male partner he had. Despite dating and having relationships, nobody else ever seemed to live up to the deep-rooted friendship these two had. He even claimed to be bisexual at one point in his life. Although, he may have said this because he didn’t want to discuss his sexuality in-depth, which was easier than trying to explain something more complex, which wasn’t as widely accepted at the time.

Freddie’s last partner was Jim Hutton, who he had been with for 7 years before Aids ended Freddie’s life. Several of his relationships with men ended partly because of his insistence on hiding the relationship from the public and his own family. This suggests his relationships with women, even Mary, were just because he felt that’s what society expected of him. There’s little doubt he cared for Mary, but it was probably a different kind of love to romantic. Nobody can say for sure, other than Mary, if they had an active sex life or if he was sexually attracted to her. It’s possible he did what he needed to do to keep the relationship going and at least with her; he cared, but not in the way a straight man would.

If this is theory correct, he wouldn’t be the first gay man to hide his sexuality by having a romantic relationship with a woman.

So, Was Freddie Mercury Gay or Not?

Considering how Freddie never had another romantic relationship with a woman after he came out, it’s almost certain he was gay and not bisexual. Whatever his feelings were for Mary Austin, he never sought to create a straight relationship with another woman. It’s possible Mary was the exception, and he genuinely loved her romantically.

If he had been around today, he might have been labeled pansexual when romantic partners are not chosen based on gender or sexuality. However, he’s unlikely to fit this description, as his other known relationships were all with men.

Was Mercury Comfortable Being Labeled Gay?

By the end of his life, he might have been happy to have people know he liked men and was in a relationship with another man. However, Freddie never seemed entirely comfortable with certain labels. He preferred to call his relationship simply rather than a gay or male relationship. He wasn’t exactly ashamed of who he fell in love with, but this was during a time when gay men didn’t have the support they do now. While things aren’t perfect now, the 70s and 80s were particularly difficult for the gay community, and Aids and HIV only contributed to this. There were a lot of misconceptions and prejudice. This would have made even someone with Freddie’s persona and public image a little uncomfortable and worried about those around him, not just for himself.

Freddie Mercury, Gay Icon

Despite all the prejudice, or perhaps because of it, Mercury was a gay icon or a role model to many young men struggling with their sexuality or the reactions from other people. They saw Freddie having a successful career in a rock band with a large following. He was supported by his bandmates, who never seemed to care which gender he had relationships with.

This acceptance would have been encouraging to gay men who worried society might reject them. Instead, they appreciated his talent and significant contribution to the band. If Freddie could now be openly gay, even if he were a little uncomfortable about it, this gave them hope and showed he was someone they could relate to.

So, Freddie Mercury was gay, but he never really wanted to be defined by his sexuality. He shrugged off labels wherever possible and loved who he loved, most of who were men. He became more comfortable with who he was and may have helped others do the same without ever knowing his impact on them.