Despite the growing activism for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer rights that has forced several countries to acknowledge the LGBTQ community, the phenomenon remains a social stigma. No matter what you say and preach, the LGBTQ community is still looked down upon disrespectfully.

Growing up without the internet at their disposal has been torturous for many associated with the LGBTQ community. The lack of public awareness and the ignominy of being called unnatural lead many to commit suicides. Thankfully, we now have a set of top-rated gay YouTubers like David Wavey, JoJo Siwa, Josh Rimer, Connor Franta, and gay YouTube channels that are inspiring the community to believe they are no less important.

The Gay YouTuber Who's Got Everybody Talking

Everyone wants to follow a gay YouTuber who believes in and fights for the rights of the LGBTQ community. But most importantly, everybody wants to follow a gay YouTuber who is interesting, relatable, engaging, and entertaining.

We present you to Mathew Tyler Oakley, the gay YouTuber who has, without a doubt, generated much interest and got everybody talking.

Mathew Tyler Oakley was born in Jackson, Michigan, on March 22, 1989. He is an American YouTuber, author, actor, and activist.

Mathew Tyler Oakley started a YouTube channel to keep up with his high school friends when he enrolled at Michigan State University in 2007.

Much of his activism has been towards fighting for LGBT rights and social issues such as education, health care, and preventing members of the LGBT community, especially LGBT youth, from committing suicide. He regularly posts on topics such as LGBT rights, humor, and pop culture. Today, to everybody's astonishment, he is a media mogul. He has written a book, hosts talk shows, promotes eyewear collections, travels worldwide, and even has a production company of his own. He is among the world's leading celebrity influencers, having earned an influencer score of 99 from Klear, the famous influencer marketing software.

Mathew Tyler Oakley is active on various social media platforms. He is a fan of Julie Chen, the host of the daytime talk show 'The Talk' streaming on the CBS network. He is also a fan of Darren Criss (Glee). He has also sung Christmas carols on the stage with Jerry Springer, the television presenter, and One Direction, the English-Irish boy band.

His growing popularity among celebrities and his rising stature on social media platforms earned him the opportunity to meet the then US president, Barack Obama, at the White House. He also features in a video with the former first lady, Michelle Obama, discussing various educational issues.

Mathew owes his success, in part, to his ability to be accessible to the LGBT community at all times. He idolizes Ellen DeGeneres, the lesbian American writer, comedian, producer, actor, and host of the famous talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. According to Mathew,

"It is not all about me being gay. Ellen DeGeneres inspires me to be myself and work towards creating an influence, a positive and happy influence".

In 2014, The Advocate, a leading reporting establishment on the news related to the LGBTQ community, confirmed that due to his widespread presence on YouTube, Oakley is the first openly gay individual that people interacted with.

In December 2020, Mathew Tyler Oakley announced that he is taking an indefinite break from creating and posting videos on YouTube.

Mathew Tyler Oakley supports the Trevor Project. Trevor Project is an organization formed to prevent members of the LGBT community, including LGBT youth, from committing suicide. Since 2011, Oakley has been hosting TrevorLIVE, an annual red carpet charity event. Oakley raised $29,000 on his birthday in 2013 to support the Trevor Project. In the following two years, he helped raise $525,704 and $532,224, respectively.

Top 5 Famous Gay YouTubers Who are Single

We are sure that the interest is slowly building up, and you would now want to know who are the most eligible gay YouTubers who are single and available. Here is the list, folks.

Connor Franta

There were rumors that Connor Franta was dating the Australian singer Troye Sivan. Both were spotted hanging out together on multiple occasions and were even caught kissing by one of their fans. It did not surprise people as the couple had featured in numerous videos, and their playful nature further ignited the speculation. The doubts were soon vindicated when Allday (Tom Gaynor), the Australian rapper, confirmed the authenticity of the rumors through his Twitter account.

In August 2016, news surfaced that the couple is not and were never dating and that Troye Sivan was dating Jacob Bixeman, an American model.

According to Connor Franta, he currently has plenty of projects in hand and wants to make a name for himself before thinking about relationships.

Douglas John Armstrong

Douglas John Armstrong, or Doug Armstrong for short, is a renowned British gay YouTuber. He has more than 4,00,000 followers across all his social media platforms and writes scripts/songs to promote the LGBT movement. He now produces music videos and is renowned for writing content spanning verticals like travel, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Doug currently lives in London. The good news is that Doug is hardly 30 years old and is not dating anyone. We repeat, he is not dating anyone. Nah, we are not trying to fix him. We just thought we would share the good news with all his fans.

Unfortunately, not much information is available about Doug's previous relationships. Doug is a regular at charity events as he believes in the same. He has been a part of Hollywood projects and has interviewed several stars. In his words, "with so many projects to attend, where is the time for relationships".

Calum McSwiggan

Calum McSwiggan is a popular gay YouTuber from Nottingham, England. He regularly posts comedy videos and vlogs on his channel eat, gay, love about issues relating to LGBT rights, mental health, and suicides.

Calum is currently single. He ended his six-year-long relationship (name not available) in 2012. Heartbroken, he left his hometown Nottingham to embark on a worldwide journey. He taught in a school on the outskirts of Rome, explored the sex clubs in Berlin, and helped raise tigers in Thailand. During his sojourns, he met people from the LGBT community, and that changed his thought process.

The stories of their hardship, the pain is hidden deep within, and the quality of their life inspired Calum and helped him recuperate from the heartbreak. It motivated him to embrace life and a community that was looked down upon by the rest.

Since then, he has stayed single and dedicated his life and his YouTube channel to the exemplary lives of the LGBT community across the world.

James Charles Dickinson

James was born on May 23, 1999, in Albany County, New York. He is an American gay YouTuber and a makeup artist by profession. He started his YouTube channel by posting makeup tutorials.

James Charles declared he was gay at the age of 12. In 2018, he became a part of the Sister Squad, featuring Emma Chamberlain and twins Ethan and Grayson. Soon, fans started speculating James and Grayson were in a relationship. But Grayson soon dismissed the rumors as rubbish.

James has clearly stated that he wants a boyfriend but does not have the time to search for one. He does not want to sit around and scroll through profiles and messages on dating sites as he is too busy for that.

Joey Graceffa

Few gay YouTubers have made a name for themselves in a manner Joey Graceffa has. He rose to fame, posting parody videos for movies like The Hunger Games and others. Since then, he has explored avenues like acting, writing, reality TV and has continued to wow his subscribers through lifestyle blogs.

In 2020, Joey announced his break with long-term boyfriend Daniel Preda. Since then, he has not dated anyone. According to Joey, he is currently not on any dating apps as he is not interested in online hook-ups and would like to meet someone in person. Another reason why he has decided not to date somebody, for the time being, is that he is going to be in England for some time in connection with his work.

The Top 5 Gay YouTube Channels You Must Know

Alright. We looked at the list of the most eligible gay YouTubers who are single. But what about the most popular gay YouTube channels. It would be unfair not to discuss them. So, here we go.


When the internet was invented, even its inventor would not have imagined the power he would unleash. Today, with more than 37 million YouTube channels, the world has access to a host of content relating to every topic.

One such channel that particularly stands out for the LGBTQ community is "wickydkewl". The channel is run by the gay YouTuber Davey Wavey and has 1.3 million subscribers. The more than 750 videos on the channel educate people on homosexuality, relationships, dating, sex, boys, dating, etc.

The channel is refreshing and leaves nothing to the imagination. Videos like 'How various positions work' or 'how to clean yourself down below' are an excellent source of information for gay guys searching for guidance. The channel also features a host of celebrities reacting to different topics on camera.

Steps of 2 Foreigners

The channel is run by Adam and Bernardo, an American/Brazilian couple who love to travel just like most of us. After they met in Brazil, Adam and Bernardo moved to Portland, Oregon, where they exchanged loyalties as husbands and creators of their YouTube Channel.

The channel impresses with its travel videos, especially the ones shot during the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of the videos reflect on their life in Oregon. However, if you go back a little, you will find plenty of fun videos from the time they lived in Brazil.

There are several videos that you cannot help but enjoy. The one titled 'first time at a fair' and 'first time on a 17-hour first-class train ride', where the two educate people on how it is like staying in unique accommodations, are fun to watch. Both Adam and Bernardo are excellent editors. Almost all their videos contain cinematic shots of beautiful surroundings and are accompanied by fantastic music.

Luke Wale

You surely must have heard about Luke Wale. He is a female-to-male (FTM) transgender guy who vlogs the various aspects of art, family, music, and his life. His videos are mind-blowing and unbelievingly honest. They depict every part of his journey in detail, from consuming testosterone to undergoing top surgery. They are an excellent source of information for transgender people uncertain about the road ahead.

However, the videos are not just about transitioning. Luke also posts music videos made by him and videos where he is seen painting to the tune of music.

Luke has been posting YouTube videos for over ten years now. So, there is plenty that his channel has on offer. Make sure you check them and the music videos to know him better.


The gay YouTuber behind the channel is the fabulous Vinny Vaillancourt. The channel features videos portraying his life as a gay. We agree that other gay YouTubers are honest, natural, and raw, but Vinny Vaillancourt takes his channel to another level altogether. The channel features intimate videos about dating, love, breakups, relationships, and divorce and is fun to watch.

While it is hard for Vinny to relive the experiences of his former affairs, he deserves a round of applause for not deleting videos from his past. Those videos will tell you that Vinny is not afraid of trying again when things don't turn out as expected.

Besides relationship videos, Vinny also talks openly about his life, moving from the US to the UK, and his travels. If you are a food and fitness enthusiast, he has also got some fantastic healthy recipes and workout tips to share.

Connor Franta

Connor Franta is one of the cutest, creative, and adorable gay YouTubers. The Connor Franta channel features vlogs about Connor's life in LA and videos featuring hip-rollicking music. If ever you had to define a gay hipster, Connor Franta would fit right in.

Connor has slowly evolved over the ten years he has been active on YouTube. The channel features videos depicting Connor's struggles while growing up as gay. The channel is an inspiration for young gays and motivates them to hang in there to watch their life take a turn for the better.

While the channel's content and style have changed slightly, the videos still offer unrestricted and unedited glimpses into Connor's life as a gay. He is fond of fitness, shopping, fashion, and things people do every day. If you like doing the same, you will surely enjoy his videos.