Neon Trees

When a Neon Trees gay member outed himself a few years back, the world was up in arms, but for less obvious reasons. See, every coming out party boasts a few complications, usually based on family, friends, and society’s disapproval. When folks come out of the closet, they have to deal with it all. 

It can be overwhelming while simultaneously being quite liberating. For Neon Trees, going gay meant way more backlash – because of religion. Being a Mormon-affiliated group, the member who decided enough was enough outed himself, much to the surprise and disgust of many. Disgust because Mormons integrate not-so-strict rules, but they are still a religion.

It means anything deemed too secular is wrong, and everything too worldly, i.e., homosexuality is outright offensive, and one might be ostracized from their society. Well, a lot happened after Tyler Glenn’s gay announcement, and it seems it mostly worked out for the better.

Is Tyler Glenn Gay – What’s It to You?

It meant a lot to the Mormon society when a gay Tyler Glenn appeared on television screens, speaking how devastating it was hiding from the truth. For years Tyler was a member of the group Neon Trees, and throughout this career, he remained closeted. It was painful emotionally and perhaps spiritually, too, for based not only on his religion but his restless soul. Seeking a way out, he finally came out and gained respect for it within his group and around the community. 

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The World Responds to Neon Trees Lead Singer Gay Revelation

When the Mormon community heard Tyler Glenn was gay, many were dumbfounded. However, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear of a celeb, layman, or anyone coming out. In this case, being a Mormon didn’t stop him from coming out of the closet or being homosexual. It is a sad and primitive belief that one’s religion is enough to curb homosexual thirst or suppress queerness. That said, fans believe Tyler Glenn should have come out sooner and avoided hiding, seeing as his stature would still work to his advantage. 

Many don’t realize the bubble religious-oriented lives exist in and how troubling it can be growing up. When Tyler was in his early years, he was taught to suppress all worldly feelings or inclinations. It meant not partying at all, no drinking or drug usage, and no sexually deviant behaviors either. According to Tyler, he feels being a Mormon is too tight a space, boasts too many restrictions for queer folks. It took him several long, arduous years to decide to come out, but he is glad he did.

So, Is the Lead Singer of Neon Trees Gay?

Asked and answered - yes, Tyler Glenn is homosexual, not bisexual or bi-curious. He supposedly knew of his queer nature at a tender age. Also, it took a toll on him; with LDS/ Mormon mates, it was harder to come to grips with his now overt lifestyle. Incidentally, his fan base loved the idea of having an icon in the Mormon society who didn’t conform. It thus became more important to Tyler Glenn to use his platform to advocate for gay rights whichever way he sees fit. Whether or not he found a way, only he knows. More important is that he is now happy or happier, not having to live a lie anymore. It is what all queer people hope to achieve someday if they haven’t already. 


When Did Tyler Glenn Officially Reveal He Was Gay?

In an interview with a popular rock and heavy metal magazine in 2014, Tyler Glenn publicly announced he was gay. He didn’t turn gay in 2014; rather, he had lived with this secret for years and found it fitting to come out of the closet finally. He also stated he’s never regretted that decision. 

What Does LDS mean When Mentioned in Neon Trees Group?

It means the group members are part of another religious group known as Latter-Day-Saints. Before his coming out party, he was part of the Mormon religion, but after coming out, he believed none of the religions worked for him anymore. All band members are LDS affiliated. 

Is the Entire Group an LGBTQ Crew?

The Neon Trees band and its members do not all identify as queers. It was only Tyler Glenn who decided that his lie, which had been eating him alive inside for 15 years, had to come out soonest. None of the other band members have come out as gay, nor do they disagree with Tyler Glenn’s decision to do so. 

Is Tyler Glenn the Lead Singer of Neon Trees?

Yes. Tyler is indeed the lead singer and front man of Neon Trees, a group he has been a part of for over a decade. The front man hails from Salt Lake City and happens to be a songwriter for the group too. The rock superstar continues to make music for Neon Trees. 

Did Tyler Glenn Trash his Church?

In 2016, in an interview with Rolling stones, Glenn called out his church, claiming they were too stringent and not a good fit for him. Ideally, he felt the church should be more accommodating, but he was denouncing his faith in a nutshell. His Trash video, released on April 29th, is aimed at his church. 

Is Tyler Glenn Advocating for Gay Rights?

One of his first steps after denouncing his faith and announcing he was gay, Glenn talked about his excitement to finally speak on the acceptance of queer people in Mormon churches – or lack of, for that matter. He is now undoubtedly an icon and role model for LGBTQ kids in Mormon circles.