Many people had spoken out about LGBT rights and how Trump handled this issue when he was in power. However, could Trump actually be gay? It might seem unlikely, but he has in the past referred to the good looks of Richard Grenell, calling him ‘beautiful Grenell.’ Although Trump has said a lot in the past and not all of it has made sense. He seems to have a knack for just saying words that pop into his head and hoping they form a coherent sentence. This could just be another example of that.

There was also his speech at the Republican National Convention, when he vowed to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community, reveled in the ensuing applause. Still, shortly afterward, his action caused more harm than good. If you were looking for signs of Trump being gay and repressed, his behavior might be one of those signs.

What Has Trump Done for LGBTQ?

The question of What Trump has done for the LGBTQ community is a complex one. This is because his supporters and critics have contrasting views on the policies and rules he created during his time as president.

For example, before leaving office, Trump left it up to the courts to decide whether LGBT people could use the services of certain health and welfare programs that we funded. Those who supported him might assume this to be a positive step, which would mean more of the LGBT community would have access to these services. However, on closer inspection, as far as his critics were concerned, this was just another way to ensure they would be unlikely to gain access to these services. This is because they claim Trump filled many of these courts with antigay and homophobic judges. So, depending on which side of the fence you sit on, Trump either helped or hindered the community from accessing certain US-funded services.

If Donald Trump was anti LGBT, was it because he is closeted himself, or just homophobic and looking for a way to take away people’s basic rights because of their sexuality?

Trump and LGBT in the News

The trust between Trump and gay people wore thin. He was always in the news over comments or seemingly prejudiced policies which impacted negatively against LGBT people. He may have preferred people to believe a lot of this was fake news, but that didn’t stop the media from reporting on it anyway.

The policies he created are said to have:

  • Taken away LGBT rights in the workplace and allowed some employers to exclude them from the workplace based on ‘religious beliefs.
  • Gone against guidance from his predecessor, Obama, about the handling of transgender studies in schools.
  • Allowed emergency shelters to turn transgender people away.

Those are just a few of the many times Trump made the news on LGBT issues, though it rarely in a good way.

Trump’s Stance on Gay Rights

Trump’s actions spoke louder than anything he said or didn’t say about his stance on gay rights. Many of his policies made it easier for employers to exclude people based on sexuality or the gender they identified with. It also meant more of the LGBTQ community would have struggled to get a fairer hearing in court (by appointing anti-LGBT judges) or placing transgender people committed in the wrong gendered prisons.

Does Trump Like Gay People?

If you look at any of Trump’s policies, you will struggle to find anything which helped the LGBT community. Everything from gaining employment, starting a family, accessing housing and health services were inhibited by the policies Trump’s administration either put into place or attempted to put into place.

Of course, there are opinions from US people who claim Trump is pro LGBT rights and entire articles praising his stance on their rights. However, these have little to no specific examples of policies that helped promote LGBT rights or of him seeking to make any real and positive change.

Is Trump Hiding Being Gay?

Some people suppressing their sexuality might try to divert attention from themselves by taking it out on people like them. It seems unlikely Trump was doing that. The way he talks about women, in the same way words tend to fall out of his mouth without him giving them much thought, suggests he’s not gay. He sees women as sexual objects, often judging their worth on whether or not they are physically attractive. He called Stormy Daniels a horse face, and when speaking about Steffi Graf, he said, “you never get to the face because the body is so good.”

Some people may disagree, but Trump and his stance on LGBTQ rights have left little to be positive about. He’s certainly not gay himself and seems to lack compassion for or understand the issues the community faces.