Whether you’re a guy or a girl, there’s no denying that Nick Jonas is hot stuff, but where do his preferences lie? Born in 1992, the Kingdom star has been acting since the tender age of 7, and the world has watched him grow from a shy young kid into a strapping, sexy man who’s confident in his abilities on screen and in the studio.

With strong Christian faith, the singer and actor acquired a reputation for being a ladies’ man as he was always seen with a beautiful girl on his arm. However, in front of the camera, things were very different as he has shown a marked preference for taking on homosexual roles - and has never shirked from the physical side. So what does this tell us - is Nick Jonas gay, or is he straight?

The Nick Jonas Gay Story that Got Everyone Talking

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has had a successful career, teaming up with his older brothers to form a hit band, The Jonas Brothers, as well as going on to act in various ventures. He also had success as a solo artist after the band broke up, later forming his own record label and having Billboard 200 chart success.

But it’s the role in Kingdom that really caught the public’s attention, with the actor appearing in 40 episodes as Nate Kulina. Part of the macho world of MMA, what’s different about Nate is that he’s secretly attracted to men and struggling with his sexuality. Viewers follow the fighter on his journey of self-discovery as he tries to continue to uphold his public image while figuring out how he really feels. There are various steamy encounters along the way and graphic scenes which earned Nate a large LGBTQ+ following. Watching Nate come to terms with being homosexual and explore new relationships before the inevitable moment when he was outed is the reason that there’s the question about whether the actor prefers men himself.

The Controversial Nick Jonas Bisexual Scene - Hot or Hated?

As you might expect, it’s not plain sailing for Nate as he comes to terms with being attracted to men. The first Nick Jonas gay scene in Kingdom wasn’t straightforward and caused a lot of controversy on social media. Fans were divided about whether they loved or hated how the story evolved and weren’t sure whether it was a fair representation of Nate’s unfurling sexuality.

In the episode titled “No Fault,” the MMA fighter is drugged while at a party and ends up taking part in a sexual encounter with a man and a woman. Fans had been waiting to see him finally get to experience intimacy with another guy, and many felt that the moment was ruined by making it a threesome and having a woman present. In fact, there was criticism that the camera was too focused on Nate with the female and skipping over the action between him and the guy.

And there was yet more criticism because the LGBTQ+ community was disappointed by the fact that a homosexual encounter was portrayed as an assault. In Kingdom, Nate is very angry about being drugged and feels violated, despite having wanted to sleep with a man for some time. Many fans thought the writers should have allowed Nate to have a more normal experience rather than buying into stereotypes of sexual coercion.

Of course, not everyone hated it - there were some who thought the Nick Jonas bisexual scene (as it’s known now) was sexy and perfect for the story.

Finally, the Nick Jonas Gay Scene that Everyone Wanted!

The threesome at the party was an awkward moment and didn’t move the character on to where he really wanted to be. However, at the end of series 2 - spoiler alert! - he’s outed and can’t deny his sexuality any longer. His brother is the one who forces the issue but reassures him that being attracted to men won’t change anything and that his family really won’t mind about the big secret.

With that reassurance, Nate is able to pursue a full-blown love affair and develops a same-sex relationship with Will on screen. This finally gives everyone the proper gay scene that they’ve been craving - with no drugs in sight!

The Big Question: Is Nick Jonas Gay?

The answer to this may seem relatively simple as in real life, the actor married his girlfriend Priyanka Chopra in 2018 - but there’s more to the eye than it may appear. Although he is involved in a straight relationship, the star is insistent that acting in homosexual roles means he’s had gay relationships! In a claim that once again has divided opinion in the LGBTQ+ community, Nick says that as it was his lips, hands, and body that was being intimate with another man, this counts as an authentic gay experience and means he has slept with a guy.

Not everyone agrees with his interpretation on it, but there’s no denying the fact that the man seems drawn to gay roles. As well as his three-year run in Kingdom, he also played another homosexual character, Boone Clemens, in Scream Queens.

So is Nick Jonas gay? He’s in a straight relationship right now but appears to accept his homosexual acting experiences as real and is keen to be accepted as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Does that count? You decide.

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