Compared to the number of gay rappers in 2016 we saw to the amount we see today, it’s clear to see the drastic increase in gay men in the spotlight who can also spit fire and create huge hits.

With so many new up-and-coming gay rappers in the industry making their way onto the scene, it’s virtually impossible for someone like you without the insider scoop to keep up with everything, without devoting huge chunks of your time into the rap scene. Aside from a minority, for most of you, this just isn’t feasible. Real-world commitments such as work and family are always a priority over learning about new gay rap artists.

Luckily, we’ve done all the meticulous research and created the insider guide you’ve been looking for filled with all the information you’d need about gay rappers, who they are, their most popular songs, and the effect coming out had on their music careers. So, sit back, relax and consume this information-filled guide to the public gay rappers and eliminating rumored gay rappers alike so that you’re never in the dark about your favorite rapper’s sexuality again.

LGBTQ+ Rappers

Like many industries around the world, LGBTQ+ people have found it increasingly difficult to establish a presence in the international rap scene due to the scrutiny faced based solely on their sexual preferences. This unfair practice leads to more up-and-coming LGBTQ+ rappers giving up their dreams than most other industries.

However, as people grow more socially accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and remove their predispositions about those involved, some figures have managed to establish themselves as household names in the music industry, despite being LGBTQ+. While we welcome the changes in societal structure and views, the fact sexual discrimination exists at all is totally baffling. After all, a person’s sexuality has nothing to do with the way they sound and the entertainment they can provide to audiences. So, why does it have such huge potential negative implications?

Simply, the answer is found in the age-old stereotypes that still exist, particularly amongst the older generation. But, as time progresses, the barriers between being straight and gay are being eroded. It is becoming a less prevalent factor year on year, with more LGBTQ+ performers achieving recognition for their art.

Gay Rappers in Hip Hop

Hip-hop artists

We’ve decided to only include officially gay rappers here; gay-looking rappers are excluded from the cut. So, you can be certain that people we include are definitely gay or bisexual rappers, we base everything on fact, not rumors about relationships spread online.

While it can be difficult to change the opinion of those with an ignorant mindset, these performers still managed to achieve great things in their endeavors in the music industry, reaching heights they never thought possible.

Here are some of the most prevalent, well-known gay rappers in Hip Hop that have been responsible for endless hits we all know and love!

Lil Nas X

Formerly known as Montero Lamar Hill, Lil Nas X is one of the leading gay figures in the music world of the 21st century. We all know the legendary “Old Town Road” smash hit that he featured heavily in with Billy Ray Cyrus; it was during this time that Montero decided to come out as gay publicly. Having already reached the top of the US Billboard 100 Chart, if it was to come out as gay, now was the time.

After opening up about his sexuality in 2019, Lil Nas X received overwhelmingly positive support from household names and members of the public alike, leading to a ripple effect thereafter. Since his arrival on the scene, many gay hip-hop artists have found their way to stardom!

Frank Ocean

Back in 2012, the hugely famous Frank Ocean penned a letter to the public opening up about his sexuality. Although some people were shocked by his admission, many people saw it coming a mile off.

Despite whether we knew prior to the announcement or not, the following effects on the LGBTQ+ community were also wholesomely positive, even for 2012 when people were much less socially accepting of LGBTQ+ members in society, particularly in the mainstream. After admitting he’s interested in dating men, Frank revealed that many of his hits were written with a male in mind rather than a woman as first thought.

Azealia Banks

It’s widely known that the beloved Azealia Banks, responsible for the hits 212 and Luxury, Azealia hasn’t let her sexuality affect her personal or working life negatively in any way. Her rise to the top shows her incredible ability to shrug off negative comments, embracing positivity over everything in her desire to achieve stardom.

Having been brought up around homophobia from a young age and evolving her friendship circle to feature all gay members, Azelia is no stranger to gay culture and the importance of promoting a positive LGBTQ+ message to her following.

Kevin Abstract

As the founding member of the prominent Hip-Hop boy group Brockhampton, Kevin quickly realized that he had talent as a hip-hop artist. It was just before this period in his life when he engaged in his first sexual activity with another guy.

It was when he saw Frank Ocean’s public letter addressing his sexuality that he gained his inspiration to come out as gay and subsequently went on to create an album about the first boy he fell in love with, released in 2016 titled “American Boyfriend, A Suburban Love Story.”

How Many Rappers Are Gay?

Currently, only a small minority of mainstream rappers are homosexual. However, the actual number is a lot higher. Most people choose to keep their sexuality to themselves due to their own personal circumstances and worries regarding the consequences. However, for the most part, consequences to the profiles or gay rappers are positive and increase their exposure.

Although there’s plenty of room at the top for anyone in the music industry regardless of sexuality, most people are fearful of expressing themselves to the world and choose to keep their talent to themselves or smaller audiences if they’re LGBTQ+, particularly masculine men.

The most prominent gay rappers of today are:

Miley Cyrus

Miley and her fans have long since been unsure about her true sexuality, with her often switching the gender of her partner to fit the way she feels at any given moment. One minute Miley is in a relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, loved up loving a female, then we skip forward a few months, and she’s devoted to then bae Liam Hemsworth. It seems for a while Miley was just as uncertain as we regarded her true sexuality, but she’s now openly admitted to pansexuality, so we can all stop wondering once and for all!


For what felt like the longest time, Sia was reluctant to show us her face, so we were totally in the dark regarding her sexual preferences. We had no idea if she was a gay rapper, a straight rapper, or bisexual. However, since making her long-awaited face reveal and subsequent music videos that provide an insight into her personal life, we now know Sia is interested in dating both men and women.

In 2010, Sia nearly married DJ girlfriend J.D Samson before next been seen involved romantically with filmmaker Erik Anders Lang, showing her diverse, malleable sexuality. Largely, fans of Sia were drawn in during her early days when she created famous songs such as “Chandelier” and “Together” for her voice alone, so her sexuality has had no effect on her performance as an artist.

Angel Haze

Although the time it took for female gay rappers to achieve the accreditation their music warranted, Angel Haze eventually made her way up the rankings and became a well-known figure in the musical world, particularly in America. This self-proclaimed “best female rapper in the world” is never afraid to speak her mind or speak about controversial issues.

Her outlandish style and always changing sexuality are always major talking points whenever she’s brought into the conversation, but overall, her music left a lot to be desired. When she’s compared to other names in the industry and Angel has not achieved as much as she’d hope, or we expected based on her potential to achieve great things that we originally saw. Maybe, the quick rise to fame got to her head.

While new LGBTQ+ supporters making themselves into big names are always emerging on the music scene, more people will continue to jump on the hype and increase the uptrend. As people realize the music industry offers an even playing field for all sexualities, we’ll be treated to more big hits from established and new artists alike.

After reading this article, you now know all the best gay rappers who have achieved global stardom in the music industry!

Hip-hop artists

Do Gay Rappers Find It Easy Coming Out?

No, the majority of gay rappers find it extremely difficult to come out, and it takes a lot of them ample time to build up the courage. Most gay men in the spotlight, particularly those with masculine persons, fear being undermined or undervalued by others as a result of their sexuality after coming out.

Do Gay Rappers Hide Their Sexuality?

Yes, many gay rappers hide their true sexuality and feelings towards other guys. In the music industry, it’s expected that one in 25 rappers are actually gay, with most of these hiding their sexuality from the public eye and choosing to keep things private.

Will the Number of Gay Rappers Increase?

Yes. The number of gay rappers we see in mainstream media will definitely increase as time passes. When people become more comfortable with their sexualities, they will come out openly to the public. This will be sped up if high-profile celebrities and performers further support gay rappers being treated equally.

How Long Will It Take to Eradicate Homophobia in Music?

If natural progression continues, homophobia in music will be completely eradicated in less than 15 years. As younger generations learn more about social equality, less and less prevalence will be placed on sexuality. As of now, Gen Z are largely pro LGBTQ+, so they will instill these values in their children.

Why Are Awards Held for LGBTQ+ Singers if We’re Promoting Equality?

LGBTQ+ awards, while solely for members of the community, are not designed as rewards per se. Instead, the ceremonies are held mainly in hopes of gaining more exposure to LGBTQ+ issues. The more people see such events being held nationwide, the more accepting they become of the community as a whole.

Who Is the Best Gay Rapper Ever?

For many, Frank Ocean is the best gay rapper ever. This is attributed to his never-ending success in music and his wide base of fans.

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