Gay Singers

Artists make the world go round and gay British singers advocate for gay rights better than anyone else. British singers’ serenade the world with pop and rock music, and when it comes to coming out, they might be pioneers. Several British hit makers recently came out of the closet, and many are alive today, making waves in the music industry. Gay rights were unheard of in previous centuries, with sodomy being outlawed entirely during the 16th century. 

AroundMen reviews prove recent years have seen many artists come out of the closet, gaining ground in human rights activism. These fetes are easier to attain when singers use their celebrity statuses. They can make the world aware of the challenges of certain marginalized individuals. Several British singers have made it almost bearable to be part of the LGBTQ community in Britain and the world. Let’s check out these artists and their contributions to their industries and the queer community. 

Gay Lead Singer – Making Waves on and Offstage

Most lead singers are just that – a lead to everything good or bad with a group. Gay lead singers are known to come out of the closet and leave the group if they find it unfitting. However, some gay lead singers bring out the best in their groups, particularly after the coming-out party, so to speak. Gay lead singers have the world at their feet, and anything said in a hurtful manner can mean the demise of a fan. 

For instance, you might be preparing to come out of the closet yourself, only to find that a famous gay singer got shunned or reverted his story and decided to go straight. Alternatively, the lead singer may not be gay and might be a gay basher. Such instances make the world callous and much harder for young boys and men to come of the closet. In the eighties, more awareness was raised regarding the LGBTQ community, with gay parades being normal.

These parades were hosted in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other parts of Europe. Certain groups raised controversy recently while performing in states less tolerant of queers. Nations or states like Dubai, and indeed Malaysia, are less in favor of same-sex unions. One such band was in 1975, performing in Dubai a few years back. 

Matt Healy

Of the 1975 group, this artist had a controversial encounter with Dubai law while performing there. The artist decided to kiss a fan who’d asked for his hand in marriage. The kiss caused controversy, considering the country’s strict laws governing relationships. Same-sex relationships are outlawed in Dubai, and acts of sodomy can lead to upwards of 10 years of incarceration. The lead singer Matt Healy navigated off the stage during their performance of Loving Someone, to kiss a fan, much to his delight. However, the Dubai administration and cultural centers were up in arms regarding said kiss. 

Freddie Mercury

This artist, born in 1946, was the lead vocalist in a group known as Queen. Aptly named, the group was popular among youth during the 70s and 80s, with Mercury being outwardly gay and proud. His flamboyance was exhibited everywhere, but more so on stage. Funnily enough, he wasn’t considered handsome in all manner of the word, but his stage performances and aura had him as the hottest performer of his era. His vocal skills, and the fact he was queer, made him loved the world over by young and old fans alike. Mercury died in the late 1990s due to health complications. 

Andrew Bell

It is a lead singer of a popular group known as Erasure. Born in 1964, he has an electrifying performance on stage. He also boasts flamboyant outfits and, incidentally, sold women’s shoes during his early years. After responding to an advert soliciting a new singer, he met with Vince and created the group now known as Erasure. This synth-pop duo has made waves over the years, with 25 million albums sold globally. Their success hasn’t left Andrew any less gay as he continues to be an icon in the LGBTQ community. Bell and his soulful sounds continue to serenade the UK and mainland Europe. 

Gay Famous Singer – Making Waves Offstage

Several British male gay singers have taken the world by storm, perhaps more than American artists ever have. Most gay singers come out of the closet and immediately boost their popularity. Gay rights require more support from people with clout to make headway in human rights. 

Certain gay British male singers make waves for youngsters to thrive on. Coming out of the closet for a gay singer does more for fans than it does for the artist. For instance, several young people find it much easier coming out knowing it is possible to make something out of yourself, even if the world thinks you are queer.

Also, young men facing ridicule look up to these icons, which at some point end up being mentors of a sort, offering virtual help unbeknownst to them. Part of Great Britain plays host to Ireland, and there are a few groups with singers who turned out gay, to the pleasure of men (and boys) worldwide. 

Boy George

This lovely-looking lad might have steered clear of a few eyes, but the queer eyes always saw him coming. Boy George was born in 1961 and remained an icon for the gay community worldwide for many moons. It just so happens he was the lead singer for a group known as the Culture Club for a while. With time, like most artists, he also sought a solo career, turning out to be a good decision for the hit maker. George is known for hits like Karma Chameleon, a favorite among many men and women during the 80s. Another favorite from this hit maker is the song Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? – resonating well with LGTQs. 

George Michael

Another good-looking and somewhat controversial singer, Michael, presented the world with sultry songs for memorable moments with a gay lover. If you haven’t listened to a George Michael song yet, play it next time you seek merry-making with your new fling. His songs leave little to the imagination. His hit song Careless Whisper was unmissable in the eighties and is a classic to this day. Other songs from George Michael like I Want Your Sex are undeniably meant for his gay fans and any queer man out there looking for a hookup. You cannot go wrong serenading your lover with George Michael songs. 

Sir Elton John

The star was born in 1947 in England and remained a prolific artist to date. His way or dress is flamboyant, to say the least, and his music is known the world over. However, more important is his title as Sir Elton John, while being an avid human rights activist, specifically for LGBTQs. Songs like Candle in the Wind and Rocket Man made him famous during the seventies. Later, he became famous, or perhaps infamous for being one of a few select high-profile artists to engage in gay marriage. The artist later adopted kids, a heart-warming experience for them and the gay community at large. 

Sam Smith

Another prolific artist came out as gay in 2019. Incidentally, he coined himself non-binary, identifying as neither male nor female. Sam Smith encouraged the world and his fans to use these references to pinpoint specific genders. It was a way of reminding people gender should be a choice and not something forced on anyone. It was a rare and first-time occurrence for many to see a gender non-conforming artist in front of them. His album for 2014, titled Lonely Romance is about a gay romance whose ship has sailed L. He is known for relatable and heartwarming lyrics, a favorite among LGBTQ. 

Tom Robinson

This British composer knows a thing or two about making waves. He’s been doing so for decades now and realized he was gay at the tender age of thirteen. Born in 1950, Robinson is a bassist, songwriter, and radio show host with a few popular hits under his belt. The song Glad to be Gay is no stranger in the ears of most Brits. He adds to the collection of several British artists making waves locally and paving the way for other artists, gay or otherwise. Equally important are his contributions as a gay rights activist, which are always welcomed within Britain, the mainland, and the world.  

David Hoyle

A homosexual man, by all means, takes to the stage with different contexts, wearing different costumes to shock the world. However, the world isn’t as shocked as it is pleased that someone found a way to shed light on homosexual biases, tendencies, and depiction globally. Highlighting bourgeoisie Britain and sickening homosexual contexts within the United Kingdom, many welcome his performances with open arms. David is a cabaret singer, film director, and comedian with plenty of talent to let the world know how he feels about gay rights in the UK. He is known as a ‘something of a legend within the London cabaret circles. 

A few gay British singers have made waves in the past, with a few still making headway today. Meet a new partner on AroundMen and check out live performances within London or Greater Britain, and create stronger bonds with your loved one soonest.