If the 21st century is about anything: it is the freedom to live, express, and love. Still, there is so much unfinished work, so much to achieve towards LGBTQ rights. Contrary to the popular notion, this by any means is not the tipping point. Nonetheless, changes like the NFL bringing the openly gay players like Carl Nassib and Micheal Sam, actors of the standards of Ellen Page openly discussing their sexuality, show that the world is evolving. And though the greatest is yet to come, for the LGBTQ community, this is the "Time to thrive."

Read on to find out about ten famous bisexuals whose news of being bisexual came as a shock to many.

Bisexual Stars That Was Exposed By Showbiz

Where Homosexuals have a sexual attraction solely to people of their own sex, bisexual stars — who neither identify themselves as straight or gay — have the sexual liberty to choose a partner from either gender. Most often are not; bisexuals do not even realize their sexual desires. They find themselves satisfied by having a sexual relationship with only the gender that attracts them. And do not think putting it forward would not make a difference anyway. But it is the opposite. When you come forward and face the fire, you will feel things that you have never experienced before. Do not take these word for it; see how these five celebrities felt about coming forward, or rather, accepting their sexual identity.

List of Bisexual Celebrities Who Hit the Tops

1. Tyler, The Creator

Winner of the Urban Contemporary award at the 2020 Grammys for his album "Igor": Tyler, the Creator, has tried to declare his gender many times, but no one seemed to care at first. It was not until the release of his 2017 album — “I Ain't Got Time”, in which he rapped about his "kissing white boys since 2004," bought a little curiosity among his fan base, but his gender was still ambiguous. Nonetheless, it was the first moment that fans really took time to debate his bisexuality, but now Tyler did not seem to care.

Later in 2019, only after a Karate Kid actor Jaden Smith tweet mentioning Tyler as his boyfriend that his gender status — bisexual — became clear.

Yes bisexual! Unlike Jaden, Tyler has also been seen dating women(before starting to date Jaden), and on several occasions mentioning that he "enjoys the company of women".

2. Bella Thorne

The news of Bella Thorne came slowly and then suddenly. Bella, back in 2016s, was known as an active advocate of the LGBTQ community but never openly unveiled her gender. Until one day, she tweeted, "Honesty and bluntness. You cannot hide who you are forever and be happy. 💍 be strong boo." And that became a definite indication of her bisexual identity.

However, she again became newsworthy when she "clarified" that she is not a bisexual rather pansexual. If you did not already, pansexual means a person feels attracted towards interesting personalities without giving attention to their gender. Still, her tweets like — "I like sexy girls, I like sexy boys," makes her fan believe that she is bisexual. But again, in Bella's own words, "You like what you like," then who are we to conclude concerning her dating life? Be that as it may, her gender has ambiguity, at least in the eyes of her fans, if not her.

3. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is one celebrity on this list who did not come forward because some interviewer compelled him to do; instead, he shared an open letter describing his sexual identity. He first discovered his feelings towards a friend who he met on Tumblr at the age of 19.

Even after sharing this — today, Frank proactively refutes any labels that are thrown in his way. In fact, his gender would not even be worth talking about if it were not for his popularity. The reason for his non-acceptance of his gender has much to do with his artistic life. And not a matter of personal choice. However, in the eyes of fans, news channels, and popular magazines, or some LGBTQ rappers — he is still popular as bisexual.

And soon after the release of his song — Chanel — the bi-sexual community at large made it their anthem and widely sang in public demonstrations and the annual "Pride Parade."

4. Victoria Monét

Monét is known for songs like "thank u, next," which came forward and openly discussed being bisexual. This was soon after the release of her song in collaboration with Ariane Grande.

However, the song has much to do with her being bisexual or not. Her confession comes in a series of tweets from her, which initially talked about the people discussing her relationship openly when she was not ready to do so. She first suggested that — it was no one business but her mine, regardless of the relationship status, she can choose to date or not. Further, she addressed, "I also like girls. Thank u, Next." As resembles, the tweet was not only a surprise but carried ambiguity about her gender. It not until the interview with Billboard that she clearly revealed that she — indeed, is bisexual.

5. Jameela Jamil

Known for her famous role of Tahani in the TV show “The Good Place”, Jameela Jamil did not want to reveal the fact that she is a bisexual. It only became clear after her controversial role in "Legendary" that she received a lot of attention that she accepted; the fact that she is bisexual.

Even after her gender became apparent, she, in many instances, made clear that revealing was not her choice. In a recent tweet, Jameela mentions — "Twitter is brutal," and that is why she did not want to disclose her gender to her fans.

Even though she only recently came forward, Jameela mentions that she was clear about her passion since her teens. And now, after much confusion, fear — that she now openly talks about her bisexuality.

5 Bisexual Actresses Who Opened Up About Their Sexuality

In recent years, bisexual female celebrities from the show business have come forward and openly discussed their sexuality. That was caused, more or less, by the rise of a tolerant attitude to the LGBTQ all around the world. Most people that used to hide their real nature are now able to expose who they are and live happy lives. As it turned out to be, a lot of celebrities were also hiding their sexual preferences and were depressed with that a lot. We’ve compiled a list that discusses five such celebrities who recently have come forward and openly discussed their sexual preferencess.

Here Is the Chart of Famous Bisexual Women to Shine

1. Lili Reinhart

While a certain percentage of Lili Reinhart's fan base still expects her to be the perfect soulmate of her Riverdale cast Cole Sprouse, she recently came forward and spoke about her sexual identity. However, the news of her bisexuality was no secret to her friends and family as she kinda knew about her sexuality from her teens.

Still, she thought that people would accuse her of "faking it" to get attention and remained quiet about this. Nonetheless, after her monumental journey and achievements in the past years, she thought it would be best to come forward and be open about her sexuality.

2. Kristen Stewart

The news of Twilight star Kristen Stewart's attraction towards both genders is now new. Kristen opened about being bisexual in 2016 quoting, it as the most "fascinating, bizarre thing" that has ever happened to her.

Nonetheless, the reason to include Kristen in this list is because of her recent interview: she mentions that — sometimes she is still fearful about her sexual identity and often struggles to understand her identity. And while being interviewed by a LA Times journalist, she confirmed her sexuality by stating, "you know when you are one."

3. Miley Cyrus

The beloved lead character of “Hannah Montana”, Miley Cyrus, opened up about her sexuality saying, "My whole life, I did not understand my own gender and my own sexuality. I always hated the word 'bisexual, but not I'm proud of being one." While she opened about this back in 2019, Miley continues to be headline because of her hot tweets; in a recent one, she tweeted, "I Am Literally Open to Every Single Thing," which came soon after splitting with the actor Liam Hemsworth.

While this may very well be "just new news" for her regular fans, for the LGBTQ community, her proactive support and open discussion of her lip locks with Katy Perry is an indication of "pride and self-esteem in being a bisexual" is a necessity for her people.

4. Janelle Monae

“Hidden Figures” star Janelle Monae recently was the hot gossip of every news channel when she opened her about being bisexual, stating — "I consider myself to be a free-ass motherf*cker — ready for anyone.". Though it came as a shock to her usual fans, for the bisexuals and the members of the LGBTQ community, this was something to rejoice over.

However, her news of being bisexual is nothing compared to the words and work towards "her own community." Janelle, on several occasions, has asked bisexuals and pansexuals to come forward and live their own truth. She is also praised for bringing visibility and highlighting people whose gender is often disregarded or erased.

5. Antoni Porowski

The May cover of Gay Times in 2018 features Antoni Porowski given his rebel against "binary labels given to the members of the LGBTQ community."

Moreover, his speech "I am Antoni, and I am all these things" was inspiring enough to bring two adolescent boys coming forward and accepting their bisexuality was appreciated by many conventional media houses.


Years of fights, numerous proactive movements, and thousands of adolescent boys and girls discussing their suicidal thoughts — the road to justice and equality is still a long and daunting one. However futile or minuscule it might seem — these influencers coming forward symbolizes that sexuality, though not everything, is an inescapable part of our lives. And it is salutary to come forward and frankly put your sexuality in front of the world rather than live a life where you are not satisfied nor loved.