Gay Movies

The increase in LGBT visibility and representation calls for a heightened demand for gay movies to watch. There’s always been a hint to this genre in mainstream, award-winning cinema; however, in the last 10 years, we’ve seen this tendency become explicit, obvious to the everyday watcher. This is brilliant as the more we can produce LGBT films, the better we can shape the growing generation of future thinkers. It’s time we disregard the hateful thinkers, the ones that drag us down and make this world boring. We need the next generations to be better and to show that growth/ change is possible on a large scale.

To get inspired, you may want to binge some great LGBT movies and to get the motivational feelings flowing. We’ve collected the top films and put them in this handy-dandy article! Loads of films worth watching and that could change your opinion on many human experiences. We’ve got it all, from indie films to Oscar-winning films to tv-shows worth the weekends spent on the sofa. Grab the popcorn, call some friends over, and get started on the movie marathon of a lifetime. Don’t forget to share your opinion online so that others can share your journey and start their own film fest.

LGBT Movies You Need to See

  • At first, here are some points to cover why we chose these movies, what other pieces of gay and LGBT media you may turn your attention to and everything else:
  • There is no order to these lists. Watch whatever you want, whenever you want. The beauty of things like this is that it’s personal; some films will leave their mark on you, whereas others will leave you wanting more. Grab your friends and set a theme for your movie night. Dress-up always works as a crowd-pleaser and entertainer.
  • You can always explore more movies. There are thousands of films you can discover in this genre. Once you’ve watched some from this list, go online and check some more out! See if your friends have any recommendations, and go from there. Who knows what new film/show favorites you could discover?
  • These films explore LGBT and gay love with the same amount of sentiment that mainstream cinema gives to heterosexual love. The true beauty of these films is that they explore a complete range of relationship dynamics across periods, countries, and ages. This means that there’s something for everyone; find something you relate to and get invested in the film. You’ll be surprised how refreshing these LGBT films are.
  • Liked the movie? Discuss it in the online community of your choice! Yes, there are loads of communities online of people who share your movie passion. Talk to them about your experiences with these films and your feelings about them. Why not create your own film club? Get together with friends every week to watch a new film or discover a new tv show.
  • And what about books? Well, there’s actually a larger range of LGBT-themed things in the world of literature than there is in the world of entertainment. Gay influenced things to go back to the novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’ written by Oscar Wilde in 1890. However, this isn’t the earliest case of homosexual reference. Why not explore the LGBT literature scene?
  • You can start wherever feels natural to you, but we think that you should start with the Oscar-winning list. Start at the top and see how these films represent the themes in the genre. We believe that these canonical films have shaped LGBT entertainment.

Starting off with must-see movies, there are hundreds to choose from. To help your decision, we’ve compiled this list of top 10 gay movies to kick off your marathon. There are lots of different types to explore here, so take your time and work out which one you think should be at the top of your list.

Love, Simon

A film that has rear its head into the public eye since its release. This movie follows the life of a typical teen questioning his sexuality when faced with a particularly handsome gardener. 


Father-son relationships become strained when the son wants to explore drag, but the father heavily disapproves. How will this turn out?

Rocket Man

Following the brave and exciting life of Elton John, this biographical film explores this gay celebrity’s sexuality journey along with the trial and tribulations that accompany fame. 

Keep the Lights On

A movie that follows the tumultuous relationship between a documentary filmmaker and a lawyer. Covering the use of drugs and two daredevils, this film is packed with something for everyone. 

The Kids Are Alright

This film questions the validity of the typical nuclear family setup. With two lesbian mothers and teenagers seeking out their sperm-donor father, this film causes some cringe moments and happy endings. 

Beach Rats

A thriller that plays on our deepest desires and how the main character explores them. He has a girlfriend, friends he enjoys spending time with, and a secret life online…


A powerful and inspiring film, we see the efforts of London-based LGBT activists joining forces with Welsh Minors during Margaret Thatcher’s reign as the prime minister. 

Blue is the Warmest Color

An explicit piece and one of the best-known foreign gay films that explores the interesting lives of women finding their way. With efforts to improve the soul, this one leaves you with an urge to unpack your own abilities and desires. 

Can You Ever Forgive Me?

When ends don’t seem to meet, we have to make up our own rules. Watch this celebrity biographer try to save her career whilst exploring love and sexuality. 

The Birdcage

A gay nightclub owner must lead a double life so that his son can impress the conservative, influential family his girlfriend comes from. With Robin Williams part of the cast, you know this is going to be a feel-good film. 

The beauty of LGBT films is that they offer a range of perspectives without always being heavy in theme. You could have LGBT comedies, that whilst light-hearted, allow you to connect to the main character in a profound way. What we found most enticing about this genre; the ability to touch hearts and raise awareness without losing credibility and/ or entertainment.

The Top of Gays Cinema

As with most genres, some movies stand out to the point of winning Oscars and, thus, bragging rights for the rest of time. If you’re looking for the hits, the top of the pile, the bee’s knees – this is the list for you! Getting to know the best of the bunch will give you a true feel for the genre and will encourage exploration! Many of these gay movies you’ve probably heard of before but might not have got around to watch, now’s the time!

Bohemian Rhapsody

The hit film covered the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the famous Queen band. Take an in-depth look at his career and how his claim to fame led to many battles with identity and drugs. 

The Favorite

A fictional twist on the life of Queen Anne and the women in her court fighting for her attention. The sexual exploration is rumored to be true for the queen. However, it’s just speculation.

A Fantastic Woman

Performed by an actual transgender woman, this movie is all about the struggle of identity for a trans woman following the death of her partner. 

Green Book

Based in the Jim Crow South, we see the struggles of a closeted gay black pianist during his tour – all through the eyes of the driver under his employment. 

The Imitation Game

A historical film with an LGBT twist. Alan Turing, the man that saved millions of lives through his hard work later incarcerated for his homosexuality, was forced onto chemical alteration, which led to his suicide. 

Brokeback Mountain

Perhaps the most popular LGBT film on this list! Follow the love affair between two gay cowboys and how their lives bring them back to each other over decades. 

Call Me by Your Name

Another gay film that has become a big part of popular culture since it’s realized. A story about two students falling in love with each other and the beautiful yet messy storyline that follows. 

The Danish Girl

A profound piece that unpacks the agony of the first person to receive gender confirmation surgery. A heartbreaking gay film that everyone should watch. 

Dallas Buyers Club

A true story that focuses on a man’s hard work that drove him to bring experimental AIDS medication into the USA – and since the disease heavily impacted the gay and trans community, they are always in focus for this film.


An upsetting story of a young boy struggling with his sexuality and coming to terms with moral battles. One of the best gay movies of the decade.

One consistent theme within these movies is that they use popular celebrity faces to draw attention to some important issues: corruption in high places, the fight for equality, the need for readily available healthcare – all things you can find tackled in this list of Oscar-winning LGBT films. They may have consistently sad moments; however, this is a necessary trope of the genre to represent that frustration/ sadness of a community still fighting for complete equality. We couldn’t recommend these films more.

Additions to Your Gays Movies Lists: TV Shows!

The entourage of amazing gay films doesn’t end with cinema; there are also hundreds of LGBT TV shows you can tune into or binge-watch over the weekend. TV shows have a sense of comfort to them that we love and always find ourselves connecting to the characters on a deeper level. If you want something more than a film, then this is the list for you.

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (ended in 2019)
  • Orange Is the New Black (ended in 2019)
  • Noah’s Arc (ended in 2006).
  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Each has its own variation of LGBT relationships, with Orange Is the New Black being the most popular and influential on this list. When Netflix released this series, it gained a lot of attention online and gave Netflix the drive to make many more series about other experiences and storylines.

There you have it, the definitive list of gay movies and tv shows you have to give a go. If you’ve got time off work or you want a movie marathon weekend, then line up some for these lists that you think will pique your interest. There’s a lot to choose from, so we doubt you’ll get bored anytime soon.