The LGBTQ+ community has endless exciting opportunities to meet new people as a gay single and experiences to create memories with your partner. But bars and clubs, the traditional way, may be deemed as boring by some; what options do you have besides that? Single or taken, gay nude camps and summer camps are great fun!

Many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have experienced discrimination because of our sexuality when planning trips or experiences, which leaves us feeling unwelcome and unaccepted. Of course, we should not have to find gay-friendly places whilst trying to find experiences to enjoy. However, boycotting the homophobic hosts makes our trips much more enjoyable,

Getting naked at a gay nude camp may seem a frightening idea at first. We can assure you that there are queers of every shape and size flaunting their bodies. It’s a great way to gain confidence, find someone to flirt with, get chatting to new people and make new friend connections, potentially even someone to date.

There are endless gay nude colonies and experiences in America, as well as gay nude camps. Here are some of the best locations to look at if you’re wanting to feel the whole gay nude experience.

  • Hillside Campgrounds

At Hillside Campgrounds, clothing is optional for all males. Based in Northern Pennsylvania, Hillside has been running for over 35 years now. Although it requires a membership to take part, you can choose your style of camping from a tent to a rented cabin, and even choose whether to stay in the heart of all the action or deep in the woods for some extra privacy. Here you have the choice to be as busy as you like or more relaxed than ever. Relax by the pool or dance away at the disco; Hillside has something for everyone.

  • Aqua Beach Bungalows

Fancy getting a little further away from home but without the stress of traveling too far? Aqua Bach Bungalows has you covered. The only thing better than a standard gay nudist camp is this gay campsite located in Gran Canaria, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations for gay men! With a swimming pool, large jacuzzi, modern gym, bistro, and bar, the resort has everything you need to relax and unwind. Just a short walk away, you will find yourself at the popular gay beach or the shopping center Yumbo.

  • The Woods Campground

Located in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the Woods Campground is a “clothing optional” resort for gay men. Choose your style of stay from a popup camper, trailer, motorhome, or rent a cabin/tiny home throughout your visit. This campground is a great opportunity to meet new people and enjoy some classic face-to-face interaction with other gay men that creates a friendly and warming community. There are many activities to take part in and plenty of themed events like drag queen events, foam parties, and live performances.

Most gay nudist camps won’t demand you to take your clothes off, so it’s ideal to have the option to flaunt your fashion or soak up the sun over every inch of your body. But in gay nude camps like these, it’s important you know that there is absolutely no judgment. Everyone is free to do as they please without a care in the world! That’s what makes it so fun.


Finding a Gay Campground Near Me isn’t an Issue Anymore

Gay summer camp and camping experiences offer a safe haven for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s an escape away from home and a break from homophobia we face in everyday life. Gay campgrounds are becoming more popular in the United States. There are so many gay men campings opening every year that the closest ones to you are just a short journey away. Many websites offer a simpler search for a gay nudist colony by using your location and the date you want to stay to find campgrounds near you.

Here are 3 of the best gay campgrounds in America:

  • Sawmill Camping Resort, Florida

At Sawmill Camping resort, you can choose to relax, party, and play, or mix it up and do it all on your trip. Sawmill offers a fantastic menu with foods full of flavor. Delicious treats are a must on your camping trip.

This is no average gay camping site. Sawmill offers both premium and standard cabins for your stay, so scrap the fancy tent and camp in style. Both cabins offer luxurious beds equipped with linen, plus a refrigerator to keep your beverages, booze, and treats as chilled as you will be throughout your stay. You can choose to buy a day pass or a membership at affordable prices starting from $6 per person! Throughout the year, Sawmill hosts huge events, like the pre-bang weekend, white-themed party, and adult summer camps. All of the abovementioned activities provide an amazing experience and a fantastic opportunity to make some memories. You can book your trip to this gay nude camp at the Sawmill website online.

  • Highlands Resort, California

If you’re slightly worried about finding a great gay camping ground, having never attended one before, Highlands Resort is a great place to start. It is practically a gay nudist colony that includes individual cabins for a cozier glamping experience available at different prices. You can relax by the pool, take part in activities, or visit the Porter-Bass winery nearby. You can even go canoeing off-site! There is plenty to do at the Highlands resort, and it has a great gay and friendly atmosphere.

  • Roseland Resort and Campground

Roseland is an all-male gay campground that includes bed and breakfast in guestrooms, standard or deluxe cabins, and tent sites across the grounds. It has its own pizza shop, coffee shop, hot tubs, steam rooms, restaurant, bar, gym, sauna, steam room, games room, and even a massage therapist! This is the perfect getaway to relax and reset. There are trails and mountain view walks to follow if you fancy something a little more adventurous too!

These are just 3 of many gay campsite experiences that you can keep your clothes on for. Full of fun (and lots of sexy gay men, which is always a bonus), these experiences are perfect for couples and single gay men looking for a holiday or a break away from home. You can’t beat an experience that includes cocktail making, partying by the pool, exploring the great outdoors, treating yourself to a massage, and being with your lover or potentially meeting your next man, all wrapped up into one gay summer camp experience.

LGBT Summer Camps

There are hundreds of LGBT camps all over the States, including gay teen camping for those under the age of 21.

  • Odyssey Teen Camp

“Odyssey Teen Camps” is a non-profit organization that hosts overnight gay summer camps in the mountains of Massachusetts for teens aged 12-18 and LGBTQ members. It’s all about finding and expressing your true selves. Being gay as a teen can be confusing, and difficult to find your true identity as well as learning how to express yourself. There are over 50 activities to keep busy with, like swimming, hiking, sports, creative arts, and much more. Odyssey is a great gay teens camping experience and an amazing opportunity for young LGBTQ+ teenagers wanting to meet new people and discover themselves.

  • Camp Camp

This summer camp is for those a little more adventurous. With lots of outdoor activities, Camp “Camp” (yes, that’s how it is called) is sure to keep you busy throughout your stay. Whether you chose to indulge yourself in aerobics, face aqua bull riding, or take yourself off on a hiking trip, there is plenty of activities to choose from, with a relaxing massage to top it all off. Camp Camp is a great LGBTQ+ community that is known for its welcoming hosts and loving attendees. There are lots of opportunities to express yourself in the evening social events and themed nights, and a chance to get creative in arts and crafts, dance, music, and much more! We can assure you you’ll never be bored!

  • Camp Bonfire

Camp Bonfire quotes, “you’re a grown-ass adult, do what you want.” The possibilities are endless. Aimed at adults 21 and over, Camp Bonfire’s top rule is to ‘respect yourself and others, highlighting the importance of many of those attending Camp Bonfire being LGBTQ+ members and accepting us as everyone should. This experience is entangled with activities like archery, wood burning, and flying from the giant swing, completed with a Thai massage and a pool party to get the best of both worlds – relax, play, and party. Camp Bonfire’s key motives are to invite, adventure, and inspire. This message means everyone is welcome, there are lots of activities to do, and help from others inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Have the Greatest Gay Camp Experience of Your Life!

Every gay campsite has something different to offer, but there are many gay camp experiences that go above and beyond to bring you the best feeling of rest from the city’s noise – this is what glamping is. Choosing to camp in a location nestled in the woods is proven to reduce psychological stress, depression, lift the mood and improve sleep. Ecotherapy is a form of treatment that is simply investing your time in outdoor activities, helping you get back in touch with the great outdoors, and reset your mind with a break away from reality.

However, if being too close to nature isn’t for you, there are many gay camp experiences that are based at luxury resorts, with a modern feel and a perfect mix of relaxing and partying.

There is a gay camping experience that is suited to every couple. Find your nearest gay campsite today and take the break you deserve!