Gay Bodybuilders

Rippling muscles, washboard abs, and tanned skin that’s gleaming with oil…it’s hard to deny the appeal of bodybuilders. If you appreciate a male physique, there’s nothing better than whiling away the hours while scrolling through the photos from gay bodybuilders online.

A fitness account may inspire you to get healthy and start working out yourself, or perhaps you’re hoping for a romantic liaison with one of the gorgeous specimens on display. Whatever the reason, there’s a large number of homosexual bodybuilders who are more than happy to share their images with adoring fans.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Reasons to Search out Bodybuilder Gay Men Online

There are lots of gay bodybuilding accounts online; social media is heaving with hot guys who are clamoring for likes, clicks, and followers. If you’re a homosexual man, you may well be on the hunt for hot bodybuilders to check out regularly.

But what are the reasons that a gay bodybuilders’ video would attract so many viewers?

In the first place, guys may just be looking for a role model, and there’s none better than a dude who regularly works out. If you’re in need of inspiration to be your best, having a constant flow of toned muscles and perfect bodies will give you the kick you need to be your best.

But of course, it’s not just about a health kick because, let’s face it, those bodies are beautiful! If you’re sexually attracted to another man, homosexual bodybuilders provide the perfect opportunity to check out every inch of their physique.

Bodybuilders are used to showing off their muscles, and that means stripping down to very little clothing to really emphasize every inch. And what’s more, to flex those muscles means stretching and bending, activities that make skimpy outfits stretch even tighter! The advantages for a LGBTQ+ audience are clear; the primary focus may be to show off the bodybuilding efforts from working out, but it makes titillating viewing too!

Is Bodybuilding Gay for Pay Problematic?

Gay for pay is a term that’s been around for a while and isn’t something that’s generally well thought of. The term refers to individuals in the adult industry who are straight but appealing to homosexual audiences because of the potential money-making opportunities. To put it simply, it’s straight guys flaunting their bodies in a way that exploits their LGBTQ+ fans. It’s also sometimes known as gay-baiting.

Bodybuilding gay for pay may not be quite as explicit, but the principle is the same. Straight bodybuilders deliberately create content that will appeal to a homosexual audience, sometimes implying that they’re also part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Some people have suggested that there is no problem with this approach and that it’s part of the evolution where society discards labels for individuality. However, this isn’t an ideology that’s universally accepted.

There are many objects to bodybuilding gay for pay, and your views will depend on how you view your sexuality. However, the prevailing opinion seems to be that those who make money from the LGBTQ+ community should at least be part of it rather than pretending to be something they’re not. With lots of bodybuilders competing for audiences, there’s enough choice out there without straight guys - quite literally! - muscling in on the act.

Where Do Bisexual Bodybuilders Fit In?

Bisexual bodybuilders, like others in the bisexual community, often find themselves facing discrimination from all angles. Bisexuality falls firmly within the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and in theory, should be included in the community.

However, many bisexual individuals from all walks of life find themselves excluded from everything because of their wider preferences. Not part of the straight world, bisexuals are often rejected from homosexual communities too. Being open to the notion of straight relationships seemingly excludes them from being considered as a bona fide memory of the LGBTQ+ world.

The good news is that this is beginning to change, and although bisexual individuals still have to fight off the “greedy” label, they’ve been helped by the emergence of new identities such as pansexuality. All of a sudden, bisexuals aren’t the only people who have a more fluid approach to relationships and are riding the new wave of sexual identities.

This means that bisexual bodybuilders are now far more welcoming in the world of LGBTQ+ sport. You may not even be able to tell the difference if you’re checking out their Insta account. For any men looking for gay bodybuilder pics, this is great news as there’s now more choice than ever before!

How to Find Bodybuilders Who Are Gay

If all you dream of is a muscleman of your own, you’ll find there are dating sites that are set up for homosexual bodybuilders. There might be LGBTQ+ bodybuilders who are seeking each other for romance or gay bodybuilders who want to take care of a man. After all, who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in those glistening biceps?

Specialist gay dating sites online are the easiest way to meet gay bodybuilders, but if you want to start off more gently, you could begin with social media. There are countless homoerotic bodybuilding accounts online where you can admire men from afar or maybe just ping them the occasional comment or like.

Are There Any Gay Bodybuilder Instagram Accounts?

Whether you are genuinely hoping for some tips on how to sculpt your own physique or you just want to enjoy looking at some hotties, homosexual bodybuilder Instagram account are the place to go.

The very visual content of Insta means that the accounts are full of gay bodybuilding videos and images, the perfect way to start the day!

Social media is very different from just following a website or a blog, as it feels much more intimate. Many bodybuilders will interact directly with their fans, so you could end up chatting to the muscly Greek god who you have been admiring! Even if you don’t talk to them directly, you’ll feel almost part of the inner circle when they’re sharing photos and details of their lifestyle and, of course, those all-important bodybuilding pics!

Knowing the right hashtags to search can help you to find new accounts to follow. Some of the ones you might want to try include:

  • #gaymuscle
  • #gaybodybuilders
  • #musclefetish
  • #instagay
  • #boner
  • #GBB

Aydian Dowling

Found under the username @alionsfear, there’s much more to Aydian Dowling than meets the eye. If you like a toned man that’s muscular rather than enormous bulk, his physique will tick all your boxes. However, beneath that carefully coiffed hair, six-pack, and low-slung trousers lies a surprise: Aydian Dowling is in the running to become the very first transman to appear on Men’s Health. Bodybuilding is often one of the last bastions of toxic masculinity, so it’s encouraging to see individuals like Aydian tackling stereotypes and enjoying much-deserved success.

Paul McNulty

Paul McNulty has been an influencer in the LGBTQ+ community for years and is known for being an entrepreneur, go-go dancer, and a model. He’s added bodybuilding to the list and has an impressive physique with a butt and thighs that could crush anything! McNulty is based in Scotland and is a personal trainer, so if you’re in the area, you could even get a 1:1 with him - but be warned, he has a partner. If you don’t want to be put through your paces by him, you could settle for a piece of artwork for your wall - a revealing photo of the bodybuilder wearing skimpy briefs!

Alex Mountain

Red-hot in more than one way, Alex Mountain is a self-confessed ginger who’s best known for featuring in the RED HOT calendar and exhibition. He can be found at @the1manmountain, which is full of revealing photos of AJ wearing very little clothing to show off those unbelievable obliques. If you look closely at his photos - go on, force yourself! - you’ll notice that he shows off a pierced left nipple sometimes. The calendar and exhibition both raise money for anti-bullying campaigns but he also works as a personal trainer. He admits to receiving a lot of attention from European men but describes all attention as “welcome” - so what are you waiting for?!

Joe Andrews

Getting a ripped body and killer muscles isn’t just about lifting weights all day long, as Joe Andrews proves. Check him out under Recovery Warrior Fitness, and you’ll find some delicious videos of Joe showing off his pole dancing techniques. A legitimate form of exercise, pole fitness, is attracting more and more people because of the potential benefits. But if you just want to watch a muscly guy swivel around and show off his flexibility while wearing very little, then this one scores 10/10.

Daniel Duggan

As well as running his own site, Dan Duggan fitness, Daniel Duggan is a brand ambassador for the underwear range, DanD. This means that not only can you benefit from his advice as a fitness trainer, you can also reap the rewards of seeing him parading in some very tight-fitting underwear. If that wasn’t enough, he often ropes some muscly friends in to join him and with cheeky banter about tops, bottoms, and vers so all his homosexual fans will feel right at home!