The ever-loved comic strip came to life years ago, with a reader's digest sort of look that everyone enjoyed. Many remember how full the volumes were and how easily the books could be carried. Archie and Jughead were too young lads oblivious of the goings-on of the world. A lack of creativity and revamping left the series without relevance for a while, until new series was introduced in later years. Fans worldwide must have been at arms, with some wondering their favorite bumbling character had to be gay and others embracing the idea. Kevin Keller was the gay character when the producers sought to revamp the show. This character came to be in a publication of Veronica in 2010.

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They let the cat out of the bag with Archie coming of age, moving out of town, and navigating his way through life and a new job. The new character, Kevin, seems to be dating a whole lot more too. With other characters remain profoundly the same; Kevin had to step it up a notch for more readership and audiences to grow. With time, an American drama titled Riverdale brought together several characters portrayed as bisexual or outright gay.

It turns out Kevin was much-loved, and fans wished he had remained on the show as a much-needed addition. If you are a gay man yourself, you probably had a chance at comic books like Archie and friends. Thus, when gay characters are introduced, it becomes remarkably easier to enjoy these books, regardless of age. Older gentlemen will be nostalgic revisiting these comics’ strips with a queer eye this time.

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If you haven't had a chance at Archie comics, check out newer editions running from 2010 onwards. These versions embrace the gay community wholeheartedly, much to the displeasure of homophobes around the world. In one title, the main character marries Veronica, and in another, Betty. But that's not of interest to us. The addition of Kevin brought with it the first gay wedding in this comic book history. After Kevin heads for the military, he meets his lover in the form of Dr. Clay Walker. These characters bring out a queer side of these comics no one knew existed – and AroundMen loves it. The grittier version of Archie, known as Riverdale, is yet to embrace Kevin as part of the gang. It remains to be seen if Veronica or Betty will ever have a coming-out party or have any subtexts related to that.


Is Cheryl Blossom from Archie Comics Bisexual?

Being in a relationship with Toni, in season 3, the character is confirmed as a lesbian. Cheryl blossom gives thanks to her girlfriend Toni, calling her the best girlfriend ever. During this season, she is relegated from the group serpents, a product of Jughead. Cheryl's character is one of only two who are outright gay.

Was there a Real Love interest for Archie?

During one season, he kisses Betty, and it seems their characters are destined to be together at some point. However, Archie comes clean during a later season, five to be exact, leading to their breakup, among other things. The inclusion of gay characters doesn't involve Archie per se.

So, who is Kevin Keller's Partner?

Now that we know there are two profoundly gay characters in Archie comics, Kevin, we need to know his lover? Joaquin De Santos was his boyfriend on Riverdale's hit show, which is a real-life version of Archie. It was created with all characters in mind.

Are there any straight weddings on Archie comics?

Yes, on issue # 604, You May Kiss the Bride, Archie marries his true love Betty, and it seems he had been playing veronica all along. Although he does mention it to her during another issue, leading to their breakup, readers never fully appreciate his love for Betty till issue 606.

Could Jughead be gay in Archie comics?

At one point in the 2015 series, it was implied that Jughead was indeed asexual. However, with various adaptations and incarnations of the same character over the years, the idea that he is asexual remains a myth. Also, Jughead could have been a hit for Kevin, who is gay.

Are there any strong bonds in Archie comics?

Gay Kevin befriends veronica, becoming best friends while Archie seems to hop from one character to another, between Veronica and, of course, Betty. With characters like Jughead confirmed as asexual, there was room for more bonding and less matchmaking in Archie comic books.