What If I Was Gay

Making use of media, artists exude confidence when sexual identity is in limbo. Since time immemorial, these artists have been around, with rock stars making up a larger percentage of sexually diverse and open artists. What if I was gay is a sentiment many men share, especially when alone. It is a question many ask and fantasize about the possibilities and escapades they would delve into if their orientation were different.

When artists like Eminem release songs attempting to shed light on possibly non-conforming sexual orientation, the world listens. Eminem and Joyner failed to conceal the song What if I was gay led to leakage of said song, with the world not too pleased either. However, where there is smoke, there is fire, and this song might be highlighting innermost feelings in both artists. AroundMen reviewed this title, highlighting why men worldwide choose to pose this question. 

Eminem - What If I Was Gay Song

Eminem is world-renowned for ludicrous, if not shameful, acts on and off the screen. For over a decade, it was unsurprising to hear of another Eminem debacle. With time, a song titled Stan still lingers in the hearts of many, and what inspired it remains unknown. What if I Was Gay is not a surprising melody from the popular, hit-making, and trash-talking artist. This melody centers on lyrics that are borderline offensive to some yet eye-opening to others. 

This sentiment might be frightening in itself, but closeted men asked and never got answers. Any man, however, questioning themselves with these words is undoubtedly open-minded. The question might never reach the extent of family, friends, or peers, but having these sentiments running through your mind is a sign of non-conformity. 

Men query their sexual orientation based on select events. 

  • A dude might ask what if they were gay, based on dreams had. They would be inquiring if they are indeed gay, hence the dream they experienced. However, it might simply be a result of some fantasy or long durations with men in locker rooms and athletics teams.
  • Other men might question their sexuality after countless fantasizing about sexual escapades with other men instead of women.
  • Of course, some men already have the answer because they are gay and are merely asking to respond or react from others.
  • What if I was gay implies a few things, including whether or not family, friends, and peers would love you unconditionally. Thus, querying the same doesn’t out rightly imply questioning their sexuality but merely questioning possibilities.

Lyrics to the What If I Was a Gay Song

This track can barely be called a hit because it never made it mainstream. However, with the lyrics public, little is left to the imagination regarding Eminem’s and Joyner’s motives for the song. At some point, one of the characters dies, and Eminem’s character is left wondering if he is indeed a hypocrite. Considering Eminem’s unorthodox approach to most things serious, it is unbecoming of him to produce a song implying anything gay. 

Eminem, for starters, is known for vastly homophobic lyrics. Adding to this, today’s narrative on LGBTQs is hugely accommodating, and diplomacy is the key. Thus, his attempt at being humorous regarding possibilities of being cannot be welcomed with open arms. What if I Was Gay was, and remains, a poor attempt to bring fun to troubled times for gay men worldwide. 

If I Was Gay – Would I Kiss a Man?

A straight guy would rarely ask this question unless they boast bi-sexual tendencies. Rarely have we seen a straight man outwardly insinuate sleeping with men if he was homosexual. The sentiment implies bi-curious and bisexual traits, and most AroundMen members will agree Eminem is none of those. 

Needless to say, fans will never know who is truly gay or bisexual or is it all a publicity stunt. Would I Kiss a Man? If someone views being gay as exceptional or abnormal, it can only imply homophobic traits as you attempt to poke humor at a fun-loving community. Of more importance could be the reasoning behind the song. 

Reasons behind What if I Was Eminem Song

Did Eminem try to clean up his image for gay men to see him as a lover, not a hater? Eminem’s past is riddled with controversy revolving around malicious or defaming tracks. Kim is a dis track rebuking his baby-mama for a few marriage mishaps. However, he had more stints with homophobic allusions in the Kamikaze album, calling another man a faggot bitch. He later performed alongside Elton John to clean up his image. What if I Was Gay is a weak attempt at anything, be it humor or image-cleaning to show support for LGBTQs, a sentiment gay men share globally.

Eminem Gay Song – Hits and Misses

Gay men worldwide experience homophobia and other hate crimes daily. While dating in bars, it is commonplace to run into harassment and homophobes. While online dating brings similar-minded peeps together, away from hatred, certain songs perpetuate hatred. So what are the hits and misses of this song, if any? 

How does the Eminem gay song pan out with LGBTQs?

Reviewing gay men and their feelings toward the song might be in order, but AroundMen, it is clear what the hits (if any) are, and therein the misses. For a superstar whose stardom keeps rising, Eminem could use his platform to better the lives of many, including LGBTQs. 

The Eminem Joyner Lucas What if I was Gay Track 


  • He might have gained relevance in the rap world once again. Although he never faded completely out of the limelight, this song or the idea of it might place him back on billboards. 
  • Having Eminem feature in one of his tracks, Joyner received a much-needed boost for publicity, no matter how negative it turned out. 


  • At a time when homophobia is deemed uncool, the came out a less than ideal era. 
  • Few people believe he was only trying to play at humor – historically, he is a homophobe. 

What the Song Means for Eminem 

What if I was gay track might have been a great debut song; when Eminem performed, guess who’s back and other funny tracks. However, his long-running beef with the gay community didn’t help with boosting this track. As gay men battle homophobia within the dating world, such songs might be counterproductive. 

Humor doesn’t always work in one’s favor, and it can get fatal. In the song, Eminem’s character does everything, NOT GAY. He asks for his higher power’s help with chromosome defects while insinuating that perhaps he is a hypocrite and gay himself. The song reeks of all things homophobic. 

Joyner Lucas - Eminem What If I Was Gay – Miserable Failure

When Eminem dissed Tyler, calling him a faggot bitch, it was barely a year later that he attempted to win the hearts of a few with this What if I Was Gay track. Critics believe it was an attempt to regain much-needed spark from the rap world, one that failed miserably.

  • At some point in 2010, Eminem pulled another publicity stunt to clear his name or otherwise. This time, he claimed to support gay marriage, something that few believed then and now. It seems the rapper has a knack for creating controversy, playing devil’s advocate, and countering the same.
  • Fans of Eminem do not doubt his hatred for gays, while non-fans might have an even clearer picture. Truth be told, the rapper uses everything at his disposal to boost his popularity or unpopularity, including the struggles of LGBTQs.

In one of these earlier albums, Eminem mentions all types of sexual orientations, including trannies, and ends with an unequivocal - YES, regarding hating what he calls fags. Playing It Safe – Matchmaking Online 

Finding people paying no attention to such malicious music is easier if you use online apps. AroundMen plays host to dating advice and tips and tricks to getting hitched to genuine gay men. Eminem’s lyrics notwithstanding, it is still difficult to engage in healthy conversations in bars and clubs. The saddest element of Eminem’s songs is they are gospel to his followers. 

Tracks like What if I Was Gay make anthems for homophobes everywhere, and chances are, they have been remixed to something profoundly more vulgar. There is little chance the song will be played on the radio; neither will it be on the playlist of any accommodating bar.

So what does it mean for Joyner and Eminem going forward? Lucas might not have too much to worry about; his history isn’t as tainted around the gay community. However, cleaning up Eminem’s image requires extensive and aggressive PR, which cannot be gained with simple tunes hinting at the possibility of him being gay. More gay artists should perform concerts to pave the way for more funding for LGBTQs than featuring Eminem and having him make a mockery of the entire movement. 


Why Do Artists Continue to Feature Eminem on Their Songs?

Most artists nowadays play key roles in helping LGBTQs get their message to the right people. Sometimes, artists donate money to help with LGBTQ funding as well. When Eminem features, sales might go through the roof, though this is slowly becoming wishful thinking, with Eminem posing a threat to popularity.

How Did the Song What if I Was Gay Perform?

This song was never an official release. Instead, it was leaked, and fans and critics worldwide took to it as another poor attempt by an artist to remain relevant. Though Eminem never really faces off the list of top rappers worldwide, other rappers have become more popular with time. 

How Can Eminem Regain Popularity?

Eminem’s history is filled with gay slurs, explicit lingo focusing solely on hatred for the gay community as a whole. Switching from derogatory one-liners to more accommodating lyrics might help the rapper regain his fan base. Incorporating new ideas into songs, not hate ideals, could help him gain a new fan base.

What about Joyner Lucas’ Reputation – Is It Ruined?

The artist known as Lucas has nothing to lose and all to gain from any publicity. No publicity is bad publicity, and for artists like Joyner, the sky is the limit with a less-tainted history. The fact that Joyner’s popularity isn’t built on hate speech means he has plenty more leeway.

Has Eminem Ever Apologized to the Gay Community?

Aside from pulling a stint in 2010, claiming to be supportive of gay marriage, Eminem seems to find apologizing via songs the way to go. It is true for many artists, coming naturally to them. However, Eminem’s apologies don’t seem to hold much water, hopping from one extreme to another.

What Are the Resounding Criticism Surrounding Eminem’s Repeated Slurs?

Critics agree Eminem is a talented artist, and his rapping prowess could be used to bring people up, not put them down. Specifically, fans feel the rapper could feature in any genre he chooses, which he has done with Elton John, Fifty Cent, and now Joyner. Future performances should boast less, not more slurs.

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