Who knew this all-powerful and sexy character would turn out anything but lesbian? We did. It wasn't hard to embrace her as gay when producers outed her after several years of playing in the shadows of He-Man. Folks born in the 80s remember these characters all too well. He-Man was a powerful comic book character who had supernatural powers linked to a sword he carried. Eventually, there had to be an equally powerful female, appearing in the form of She-Ra.

Masters of the universe revolved around He-Man; thus, Stevenson's character needed revamping to make She-Ra appear more accommodating. Noelle worked magic with She-Ra, something well-received by many, straight or otherwise, watching the show to date. The addition of She-Ra to a group of comic book heroes embracing newfound, or neatly buried sexuality, might have made her all the more popular. 

She-Ra LGBT Comics for Like-Minded Young Users

When the character came out as gay, it was no surprise to lesbians and lovers of gay characters worldwide. When these characters are created, it seems the producers or scriptwriters had their sexuality in mind from the outset. Whichever it pans out during airplay, the truth is almost always revealed. Let AroundMen provide insight into this feisty character. 

Noelle Stevenson has been quoted as saying, "There's nothing inappropriate about being gay and living your life." It might be the premise for outing the real character of She-Ra to the world at large. These characters are loved throughout generations, and these generations boast different sexual orientations. 

Thus, She-Ra LGBTQ is necessary to make youngsters, particularly pubescent kids, feel loved and appreciated. The new-age She-Ra came out as the princess of power, with a huge gang of female warriors set to bring peace to the world. These characters are an all-inclusive LGBTQ cast.

Check out These She-Ra LGBT Characters on a Date Today

The question of whether the coming-out party was a surprise can be answered with a simple no! She-Ra boasts remarkable feminine physical traits lesbian of all ages admires. Also, the powerhouse femme could not have been anything less than an alpha female. With characteristics like hers, it would be difficult for producers to portray as submissive to He-Man or any other pompous male character. 

That said, there are a few select LGBT characters on She-Ra worth mentioning. Catra and Adora are subtexts with a lesbian theme that took way too long to be realized. After fighting each other in separate dueling teams, the two leave the warzone, befriending each other once again. Much to viewers' surprise, their coming out of the closet was a surprise to youngsters and adult viewers alike. 

It was met with criticism regarding right and wrong, specifically relating to kids. As far as inclusivity goes, She-Ra is a benchmark for other shows to follow. Characters like Bow have two fathers, while Netossa and Spinerella are happily married female characters. These characters play an important role in the media as far as portraying LGBTQs is concerned. 

AroundMen believes kids and grown-ups the world over appreciated Noelle's work in embracing gays and lesbians, with the introduction of She-Ra as a non-conforming character. Interestingly enough, the show She-Ra: Princess of Power received accolades in 2019 for Outstanding Kids & Family Programming.

Flirt with She-Ra and the Princess of Power Gay Material

The producer of the princess of power, the gay version, is Noelle Stevenson. Her accolades span a few years, including the GLAAD award received in 2019 for the same show. Noelle has also worked on other LGBTQ comic characters, including Lumberjanes. She revealed her identity as trans-masculine and bigender, traits which help tremendously in advocating for gay rights through her works. Running the princess of power show, Noelle was also the producer during its two-year duration on airplay between 2018 and 2020. She-Ra Princess of power's gay show came to be because someone saw a need to embrace the real world from an early age, precisely what She-Ra does for young girls worldwide. 


What Is the Show's Producer's Sexual Identity? 

Noelle Stevenson has been noted as being non-binary, meaning she doesn't conform to any sexual identity. Specifically, she does not call herself female or male and prefers to fall under bigender or trans-masculine. She revealed this to the world in The Fire Never Goes Out, a graphic non-fictional novel. 

When Is the First She-Ra Episode?

This fantasy comic strip came to be in 1985 when a teenager named Adora was emboldened with powers giving her superhuman strength. These powers turn her into a heroine of all sorts, and one every pre-pubescent girl appreciated and currently still appreciates. 

What Was the Concept behind She-Ra?

With He-Man came a lot of excitement for boys, and with that, the producers created a spin-off of the show, to girls' pleasure everywhere. Character creation was unlike anything that came out of He-Man. She-Ra was based on Filmation and Mattel, not masters of the universe, responsible for He-Man.

How Did Adora Come to Be She-Ra?

The character Adora becomes the leader of a shady army led by an even shadier character known as Hordrak. With time, she develops a friendship with Catra, and after crashing her plane, she finds an abandoned sword. After a battle ensues, she grabs the sword becoming our beloved princess of power. 

Do She-Ra and He-Man Exist in a Similar World?

This character is an alter ego of Princess Adora, a powerful heroine figure created solely for the female fan base. Her character happens to be a twin sister to He-Man, known as Prince Adam. She-Ra exists in a world known as Eternia, and she is known as the most powerful woman in the world. 

Is There a Shared Universe between He-Man and She-Ra Coming Soon?

Many fans would love to see an animated version of He-Man where he shares the same space with She-Ra. It is, however, unlikely to happen. There are works underway for a CG animated version for He-Man, to the pleasure of many fans who felt She-Ra was having all the fun.