Love Song

Having trouble engaging your newfound love? Select gay love songs offer ice-breaking opportunities for you and your long-term partner. Gay love songs come in various forms, some with a history of breaking ground for same-sex relationships, while some focus on heartbreaks – break-ups to make-ups. The best gay love songs focus on breaking ground and finding love, letting your heartthrob know your feelings. It may seem these songs are more popular during millennial times; however, popular gay love songs span a few years, some responsible for ground-breaking LGBTQ achievements. AroundMen offers a comprehensive list of possible hit tracks to check out, listen to and enjoy with your newfound beau.

Old-School Songs about Gay Lovers

Songs about gay lovers are plentiful; however, categories don’t sit well with all queer men. There are several popular and respected gay sex relationship songs making a mark to date. Depending on tastes, certain songs focus on LGBTQs in general. Others have a laser focus on gay men only and their physical or emotional needs. Hit gay songs first appeared in the early 80s, and with global acceptance of the gay community, songs about gay lovers are increasingly common. It remains a tad difficult finding the right tune for the occasion. Bedroom shenanigans, falling in love, and especially breaking the ice are harder when gay love is involved, at least in expressiveness. Songs are reflecting the innermost feelings of gay men globally. AroundMen lists queer-related songs for listening pleasure. 

Perfume Genius – Alan>

Focusing on heartfelt relationship elements, i.e., feelings and non-physical factors, artist Genius created this piece as a tribute to his love Alan. The ode highlights important aspects of unions, including feeling safe in relationships, e.g., in one’s loving arms. It borrows elements found in heterosexual love odes related to the emotional needs of gay men, as opposed to misconceptions that queer love is all about physical needs. The singer reached into his innermost being to exude feelings for his lover, in an ode many can relate to. Bottom line, the track is a far cry from lewd tracks focusing on phallic innuendos and sexually explicit escapades. 

Troy Sivan – Lucky Strike

It is another heartfelt composition from someone who loves nothing else but an expression of love. Troy has become renowned for his inception of fabulous queer love songs to the pleasure of homosexual men everywhere. The song is about Troy releasing innermost, heartfelt feelings for his lover, focusing on drawing them closer. Essentially, he expresses affection for his lover and specific partner traits making him fall deeper in love with him. It is a melody gay men globally can use to create bonds with their lovers, perhaps on valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, or during that one-nighter with a hunk you met online. 

Sam Smith – Him

All queer men can relate to this hit from Sam, who had criticism regarding non-specific lyrics concerning gender. This musical boasts a gay son’s sentiment to his father, revealing his sexual orientation. Queer guys worldwide understand such challenges, regardless of how accepting parents are. It follows a previously closeted man, recently out of the closet – an overwhelming experience. In the song, Smith portrays pain and excitement within the composition. It highlights waves of emotions queer men experience revealing their homosexuality to the world - the perfect song for teen, gay men navigating newly created relationships.

Love Song

Fantastic Songs about Gay Love

Not all songs about gay love deal with closeted men coming out of the closet, although it is profoundly the problem. Several melodies focus on love-making, finding love, and experience life in a renewed and profoundly different manner. Primarily, new-age gay hits portray the nitty-gritty of same-sex relationships. They remove the bias communities have toward homosexual men, portraying these same-sex unions as remarkably similar to what many deem normal, heterosexual unions. Here are a few melodies about gay love that stand the test of time, some of which you may have heard in movies or your local club. 

Years and Years – Preacher

It is a song about finally meeting love, like that first-time encounter or love at first sight experience people have in heterosexual unions. Because the community views most same-sex relationships as profoundly physically oriented, this track brings out feelings in all men, gay or straight. It points out the eye-opening and fun-filled experience of a vis-a-vis with what everyone deems as the one. The song points more toward one aspect of love; meeting your dream match, nothing else, excluding closeted experiences, what other parties feel regarding being the one, and other such factors. It might imply meeting the one isn’t as unique as perceived. 

Tongue – MNEK

Look no further than this lascivious song to let your lover in on how they create a burning desire within you. This track is a masterpiece for gay lovers out there when bonding becomes stressful. Of all gay tracks to date, this one takes the cake, with fiery hot lyrics from Briton singer MNEK. He fires up sexiness related to gay romance without taking anything from the relationship. It means, although the track focuses on physical aspects of gay love, it doesn’t remove emotional aspects queer men hold regarding their relationships; it is not all about sex.

Sakima – Show Me

Sakima is a coming-of-age artist, deviates from steamy, lewd, and lascivious sexy odes to something more comforting. This melody focuses on sex, albeit not in its raw and unemotional state. Show Me highlights the importance of bond-creation and how love can be communicated sensually via love-making. It is essentially written to highlight the emotional needs and physical requirements of gay lovers, similar to the desires of heterosexual males or females. It highlights sex as a gateway or a means to an end, in this case, a means of conveying love between partners. 

Choose the Best Songs about Gay Sex

Queer-oriented tracks are commonplace nowadays, but gay sex tunes were limited historically. Classic LGTQ songs focused on coming out of the closet and public perception. Artists like Queen, Prince, and others composed soundtracks for world-famous movies linked to LGBTQ. Not all tunes about gay sex are laser-focused on gays, with several hit songs focusing on emotional attractions between queer men. On that note, better musical pieces on gay sex are available, making for naughty in-car or bedroom playlists. AroundMen offers insight on tunes to download or stream while bonding with newfound heartthrobs – you might not make it to the bedroom, though.

Troy Silvan – Bloom

Renowned for sensual compositions focusing on gay men, Bloom tops the list of naughty songs for LGBTQs to enjoy. Bloom highlights different sexual escapades and endeavors wrapped up in gardening idioms and metaphors. Bloom’s songs aren’t explicitly sexual, making it easy for most ears to miss the track’s gist, which it turns out focuses on a power bottom with a few goals of his own. The artist emphasizes that all bottoms are effeminate, to the pleasure of gays globally. If the audio clip doesn’t convey this message outright, the video does with outwardly gay mannerisms and little left to the imagination. 

Frank Ocean – Nights

Concerning lewd, sensual, and all-out nastiness, the artist focuses on nothing else, aside from the schlong. Frank is unsure of the relationship situation between him and his beau; is he married? That said, he is cognizant that the cock keeps calling him for more. Nights is a song saying all, no-holds-barred; no subtlety. Artist Ocean doesn’t hold back, highlighting the goings-on between him and this apparent fuck-pal who might be taken, it seems. It is perfect for one-night hookups confused about their steamy affairs. Like-minded partners embrace this track, asking where their relationship is headed, especially if they sought serious relationships.  

Scissor Sisters – Harder you Get

Their album is pure glory, with nothing left to the imagination. The artists focus on the phallus and the immense pleasure it offers. Nastiness is the order of the day, and as one artist claims, the phallus offers such pleasure that one member cannot walk after that. The beats make perfect tunes for slow, sensual love-making. Jack Shears’ goal was to remind listeners and his lover not to waste good dick (penis). A must-have on one’s playlist, especially for that movie night you hope will turn sensuous, or for that one-nighter you plan with your newfound online love. The Harder you get, the harder it is to leave the cock.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Krisco Kisses

Way back when penetration required finesse, and lubricants like KY –Jelly were not easy to come by and lovers used whatever jelly they could fine. These challenges notwithstanding, certain singers seemed to be ahead of their time during the 80s and 90s, including Frankie, Goes to Hollywood. Their hit gave members of the gay community less to think about and more to enjoy. It focused on getting gay men to enjoy sexual experiences without fretting over penetration or means to make it better. Fun-filled sexual experiences can be facilitated without unnecessary props, leaving you to focus on your mate.