Elsa Frozen 2

Disney is fond of dropping a little stride for the online LGBTQ community, and they are good at it. They can tease fans into shipping queer romantic characters and exploit them throughout a sequel. They did it in Avengers: End Game and The Rise of Skywalker, but fans say it's too small and no actual conclusion. Frozen is loved by kids, and it's one of the greatest animation stories of all time. Frozen 1 and 2 are currently sitting as 2nd and 3rd on the Highest-grossing animated films, meaning many parents buy and rent these movies for their kids. Disney quickly gets into trouble with parents anytime a character hints at their sexuality. They are not ready for the boycotting of parents as it could be devastating, and it would take a miracle to make their kids love the movie character Elsa, a gay princess.

Want to Know is Elsa Gay?

Another reason Elsa was not declared gay or straight was hinted at by the director Jennifer Lee, but fans are not buying that. Accord to her, the story focuses on the bond of two sisters, and romance was not a significant part of her path, and struggles is what the sequel is all about. Six years of production went into Frozen 2. All the backlash from the LGBT community was not enough to give Elsa a girlfriend, mainly because her story isn't a romantic one and addressing her sexuality is not the path of her story in Frozen 2.

LGBT Fans of Frozen are relating to Elsa "fear of coming out" due to how her parents when the extra mile to hide her powers. Fans can peg Elsa storyline as a metaphor for the world we live in, forcing queer members to remain in the dark or, better still, find a cure like Elsa parents tried to do. The story is so relatable to the gay community. Even the female voice she keeps hearing at night and follows made fans felt like she was finding her true self. Frozen three is the last part of the sequel, and it would release in 2024 or 2024; by then, a lot could have changed in our society, and Elsa came out, but until then, fingers crossed.

But Why Do Fans Want Frozen 2 Elsa Gay?

Struggles are every day among Disney princesses, from daddy issues to wicked stepmom to finding the perfect man, and these are emotional and mental struggles that people relate with. Many of us are going through a lot and almost hitting depression, and most time, we find encouragement from our favourite movies. Aroundmen fans of Frozen see their struggles in Elsa, and they want to see her win. In 2016, the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend trended all over social media as this Disney princess is different from all of the other prince-hungry princesses. Queer fans thought they found a lesbian queen since no prince was thrown to her in Frozen 1. And ultimately, they loved it to the extent that the hit track "Let it Go" became an LGBT anthem for those struggling to embrace their sexual identity due to their society or queers who still can't believe they are attracted to the same gender. Fans wanted to find encouragement through Elsa. If she was given a girlfriend, more people might accept homosexuality, but in Frozen 2, not only did Disney not give Elsa a girlfriend or a prince charming, they made Elsa shares a suspicious romantic bond with Honeymaren. LGBT fans before the end of the movie were delighted, but when it ended, Elsa was left single. Disney has always been good at teasing their fans without fulfilling the goal. This strategy is common whenever there is a potential queer character, and many viewers are shipping the relationship. Many TV shows are good at exploiting fans "ships" without giving them the desired result. It is so common it has the name "queerbaiting”. Elsa voice actress Idna Menzel is an LGBTQ activist, has joined in on the fight as well.

A lesbian Elsa might not be the only option that fans would stand behind. Many fans love their Elsa have low sexual or romantic desires, and asexual or aromantic fans are enjoying the ride at the moment. Whatever her sexual identity is, some fans will be satisfied, but the backlash will come from the gay community.

Why Did People Think There Was a Frozen 2 Gay Character?

Since the release of the world coldness princess, Disney movie in 2013, fans have speculated that Elsa is a queer. People assumed her sexuality due to her strong and independent character and because the film didn't follow the "normal" Hollywood princess story. The famous princess love-curse story would have brought a man that would love Elsa and help her defeat the curse. Still, it didn't happen in part 1, and even after the release of the Frozen 2 trailer, Aroundmen fans were sure that Elsa was homosexual because no new male lover character was introduced to her life. Fans were already running with Elsa being gay because there was no male lover in her life. The LGBT community was already calling out Disney for its lack of queer character representation. After Frozen 2 and no addressing Elsa's sexuality, fans were not happy with Disney world and ranted all over social media. Fans were already angry at Disney for moving the Love Simon series to Hulu with the excuse that it is not family-friendly enough. Rumors were Disney was afraid of getting banned in LGBTQ-sensitive countries like Russia. Fans in America and other gay-friendly countries have accepted Elsa as gay, and even the creators and cast of the Frozen film seems to be on the same page, but Disney is not showing any hope.