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Finding a friendly fellowship like has always been an issue for the LGBTQ community, even in the online entertainment industry. But over the decades, there have been growing and stand out games with LGBT themed storylines or characters. Some people love to play games with gay romance options, and some companies delivered. Below you can find the most popular video games and choose the one that suits your taste. Here are the top LGBT video games ever.

Find Your LGBT Video Game Now

Caper in the Castro

This 1989 gay video game has been credited as the first-ever LGBT game. It is a murder mystery game where you play a lesbian detective, Tracker McDyke, searching for her friend, Tessy Lafemme, a drag queen. Although it was released in the 80s, the game is still a legend to date.

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony

The GTA sequel is massive in the game industry and is loved by all gamers because of its open world and real gang life simulation. There have been many characters, and a gay character should not be an exception. You play as a bodyguard, not Tony, and you strive for success while living as a club kingpin while chasing another aspect of life you want. After all, it is a free exploration world as you can go anywhere you want.


This series has always featured LGBT characters. Part 1 was about a gay couple, Athena, a treasure hunter and her mechanic girlfriend, Spring. In Borderland 2, Tiny Tiny, an NPC character, was revealed as a lesbian when she admits to having a crush on two female characters Moxxxi and Maya.

Steven Universe: this project was enjoyed by both kids and adults that they had to move it to console, and LGBT themes were incorporated beautifully in both dimensions. The game follows the show's storyline and its creator, Rebecca Sugar, was with the game developers. It’s all about becoming stronger through a love relationship.

Life is Strange

Users play Max Caulfield, an Oregon teen with the power to rewind time. The choices you make in the game has a great Effect on her romantic life, but it is obvious that she has a feeling for her friend Chloe Price. Even though the developer was under fire for queer-baiting, they show proof of future lesbian relationships.

Knights of the Old Republic

Following the story of a Cathari female and knight, Juhani, who was the first lesbian in the Star Wars world back in 2003. Also, Belaya, a female Jedi, described Juhani as a dear partner and how much time they have spent with each other. Playing as a female character would allow you to woo and romance Juhani.


Like Fortnite and PUBG, this one-person shooter allows users to select LGBT characters. Tracer is the first announced, and the developers claim she is not the only one. Select your team and play Overwatch because they have more LGBT characters with unique abilities in the comic book.

The Best LGBT Games to Play While in Lockdown

Video games are entertaining and can help pass the time and even be used to educate people. They are professional video games for the surgeon, drivers, and many others that help simulate real-life scenarios for gamers. Gay games have been around for a while, but not everyone is aware of them. There are different genres of gay games, from action to romance to sports. Some famous games like Assassin Creed and Last of Us featured LGBT characters, and queer fans love them. There are excellent and fascinating gay games that can keep you entertained throughout the lockdown, and here are the top 10 gay games to try today.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

A 2014 video game available on PS4, Xbox and Windows. Players in the Dragon Age will become Inquisitor who must strive to settle the civil issues in Thedas ( a continent) and find a way to close the tear in the sky where unknown demons are coming through. The game had a romance algorithm, and it allows the player to compete for potential lovers, including a 10-foot man voiced by Prince Junior; conquering the quest and love can fill you with happiness during the lockdown. The game featured its first trans character, which received a lot of praise from the LGBT community. The Dragon Age: Inquisition project was given a Special Recognition award from LGBTQ+ group GLAAD for including queer characters.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

This was released in 2017 and had to stand out in gay dating simulation and can bring you the romance you’ll miss in during the lockdown. The game is available on PS4, Switch, Windows, Mac and it all about users playing as a single dad and seeking to date other hot dads. The game starts in a town by the seaside, Maple Bay, where it seems like all the dad is single and ready to mingle. And there have different professions and attitudes. Dream Daddy is a game that every gay gamer will enjoy if interested in a love story.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

A 2017 hit in the game industry focuses on free-world exploration and outer-space aliens face off. It has a fascinating side that draws a lot of attention from the LGBT community because a player can engage and even sleep with other characters. The action and romance are there to keep you entertained during the lockdown.

Gay RPG and NSFW Games are Becoming a Trend

While many gays worldwide are hiding their sexual identity and living in depression and eager to express them, LGBT games are gaining ground, and it is helping them become bolder to speak up. Gay Role-playing games are more common today and can even be an NPC character; most games adopt a queer in their sequel. While many NSFW gay games were released this year, 2021, many are still on the way. Here are a few NSFW games to play now.

  • Let’s Meat Adam 2: a horror and murder mystery game following the story of two close friends Adam and River. Adam had to find his friend, River when he suddenly goes missing while chasing his acting career in LA.
  • Dramatical Murder: a cyberpunk-themed game of Aoba struggling to control his power and stay away from a corporation trying to use him.
  • Chasing Tails: a Fantasy game of big and small creatures living in peace and harmony. And your actions and decision in the game drive the Character to a different destination.

Big names like Grand Theft Auto, Mass Effects, Assassins Creed, Fallout, Last of Us, Final Fantasy, Street Fighter and many other games that have been around for years are now becoming homes of LGBT characters. It is a big win for the LGBT community, and the fight continues. The more people see gay characters in games and movies, the more they accept it.

Games with Gay Romance Options

Some video games allow you to be gay, lesbian or any other queer options available. This means the character you select to play will live, fight and romance like a queer or like singles at There are many games from actions to life simulators that have these options but here are the top three to play today.

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey; Ubisoft made it possible to explore your sexual identity in the open world of Greece. You can have sexual encounters with some NPC and it is fun to explore.
  • Dream Daddy: the main goal of this game is for romantic and sexual relationships and you get to do it like it's real life. You chat, flirt, sext, marry, date, hookup with any NPC that is available to mingle
  • The Sims 4: this version of the Sims series gives queer gamers more options. They can marry and adopt kids of the same gender, unlike other games.