Three Houses

If you love Nintendo online, it’s impossible not to love Fire Emblem. In early 2019 the most recent - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - appeared on our radar, but what’s different? Traditional compatible video games don’t often include LGBT options – even games that encourage role-play – but the newest Fire Emblem: Three Houses LGBT friendly includes men (and women) of all sexualities. Released on Nintendo Switch worldwide, the historic game the game now includes everyone.

Fire Emblem 3 Houses – Gay Options

When it comes to online gaming in roleplay mode, expressing yourself is important – and with Fire Emblem 3 houses, gay gamers can be sure they are also included. When you join the game, you will be asked what you look like – but there is only the option of a masculine and feminine avatar.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gay

Previously, Fire Emblem has been criticized for the lack of gay and LGBT options, and with the latest release on Nintendo Switch, many promises have been made. But what do the gay community think? While many gay gamers are happy to have the option to express their true selves online, many gamers don’t feel enough has been done to be inclusive of the LGBT community.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gay Characters

In the newest Fire Emblem, three houses gay romance between characters is still difficult to find – but not impossible! The game doesn’t outwardly offer a gay or LGBT option – however, with this hack you can trick the system and find a Fire Emblem 3 Houses gay match!

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gay Marriage

Many people ask, “can you be gay in Fire Emblem Three Houses?” – because the option isn’t offered to every user. The simple answer is, yes, you can be a gay character and have a gay or other LGBT relationship within the game – however, it’s not straightforward to do so, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gay Romance

With the hack linked above, it is even possible to find Fire Emblem Three Houses gay marriage at – but unfortunately, it’s neither offered nor possible for those who don’t know about the hack. This issue of needing a hack to access gay or LGBT relationships with the current Three Houses gay romance options has divided the LGBT gaming community into deciding if Fire Emblem is really LGBT friendly.


Is Fire Emblem available on PlayStation?

Fire Emblem was created by Nintendo in 1990 and has only ever been available on Nintendo. The first games were released on Game Boy, and Nintendo have since released a further 15 games, all of which have been exclusively available on only Nintendo devices. Nintendo have never mentioned any plans of releasing the game anywhere else. However, it is now available on Nintendo Switch, Wii U and the Game Boy Advance, and the Nintendo Game Cube in previous years.

Is Fire Emblem Three Houses hard?

Fire Emblem isn’t considered particularly hard; however, if you die in the game – unlike many other action games – you are not respawned. Instead, you die permanently, sometimes making the game frustrating. There are different “modes” to the game, and you can choose between easy, medium, and hard depending on your experience with the game and gaming in general.

Is Fire Emblem Three Houses Gay Friendly?

There is a lot of debate in the gay gaming community about whether or not FE3H gay options are really LGBT friendly as you require a small hack to find a Fire Emblem gay romance – suggesting other games make it easier to find gay options in the gaming world.

What Are the FE 3 Houses Gay Options?

To access the gay characters in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you will need to use the following hack or trick to find and enjoy Fire Emblem gay options at The game doesn’t openly offer LGBT relationships. However, once you have used the hack, both gay and lesbian relationships are possible within the game, and it’s even possible to find Fire Emblem Three Houses gay marriage!

What is Fire Emblem Three Houses?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the latest in a long series (over 30 years) of games produced for Nintendo; the gameplay is tactical role-play where new players choose the house they want to join and then go into battle to support their house.

How Much Does Fire Emblem Cost?

Depending on where you are in the world, the cost of Fire Emblem: Three Houses varies from place to place. It starts at $59.99 USD in the USA; however, the game can often be found on offer when purchased with other games, new consoles, or during the sales periods such as Black Friday and the January Sales.