X-man Gay

The introduction of marvel comics years ago could not have predicted gay x-men would be part of our lives years later. It seems the evolution of this popular, loved comic book strip had to integrate bi-sexual characters at some point, to draw in multiple readers, and show tolerance to all. Though never an official claim, there are several characters it seems might boast bisexual, lesbian, and outright gay tendencies. 

However, being unofficial, it remains upon readers to enjoy closeted gay x men characters from the privacy of their bedrooms. Incidentally, if you found a crush online, perhaps on gay nerd dating sites, your perspective on Marvel x men will inevitably change. For instance, Colossus might seem hunkier and beefcake when you realize his character might indeed be homosexual or evolve into one soon. 

Check out a few other characters that could make fantasy-filled and steamy readership into x men gay sex. 

X–Men Is a Gay XXX Parody – Really?

Yes, from the creators of other parodies linked to heterosexual and lesbian sex comes a parody or spoof of Xmen. It is nothing entirely new, as in 2016, Men.com created a XXX parody of x-men that wasn't too graphic. It was based on two characters – Wolverine and cyclops. It turns out it can get quite steamy and nerd queer dating lads will appreciate the scenes. Also, what is deemed parody porn might not be as apt as anime, gay dating flicks? It means an animated version of the XXX parody of x-men seems to be in great demand. 

When locals meet like-minded people, they regularly participate in fun activities, which could linger between video games, partying, and of course, movies. Same-sex dating requires the right context and content, and x men provide plenty of muscle for twinks or bears to ogle at. That said, there are several who seem to fall under bisexual, lesbian, or transgender categories. One of these characters is Colossus, who might meet more than a few standards or preferences for gay men.

The x-men queer parody part 2 boasts Ice Man and Pyro. These characters, fire and ice, don't steam the screen up as much as the animated versions. Check out the animated XXX parody of x men for the steamiest and sexiest experiences with your marvel comic characters. Let's dive into one x men character and review his queer traits, if any. 

Is Colossus Gay? Nitty Gritty

What makes a character queer? How would we know Colossus is indeed homosexual, and who makes it official? Colossus boasts a few traits that might be considered fitting for a beefcake of a man, but not all gay men are built huge, nor are they all hunky. His characteristics include: 

  • Height – 6, 5"
  • Weight – 240 lbs 
  • Eyes - blue 
  • Hair – black 

These traits are relatable for men seeking men, and even more so when checking out a queer character. Additionally, in x-men #65, his character was confirmed gay. He is not entangled with the ultimate kitty. His character dropped hints regarding his sexual orientation from the get-go. After years of dilly-dallying, it seems the truth came out – or he came out of the closet. 

X-Men Gay Parody

While deciding if you always knew Colossus to be gay, it is equally important to note certain political aspects take precedence over freedom of expression. Marvel comic developers likely wanted Colossus to be outwardly queer from the onset, and it may have been the wrong time. Incidentally, the queer version of Colossus is Ultimate Colossus, not to be confused with the 616 type, who is not homosexual. Find time to check out a few X-Men gay comic versions near you – making for fun ice-breaking and bonding. X-men's gay parody revolves around hot characters exemplifying male qualities resembling typical queer men.


What Makes a Marvel Character Gay?

There might not be a straightforward answer to this query. However, most characters have to fit certain criteria to be bisexual or gay – including being physically fit. This physical prowess is a trait all X-men boast; thus, it is easy for them to evolve or come out as gay. 

Are There Also Lesbian X-Men Characters?

According to research, it seems a large number of characters fall under LGBTQs in X-men. These include but are not limited to; Destiny, Sharon King, and Stacy. Again, most of these characters might not always display gay x men characteristics, except in limited versions of the comic; gay X-men comics.

Can You Purchase Versions of the Gay X-Men Comic?

A few queer marvel comics are available on Amazon, including the first-ever gay marriage in the marvel universe. Readers can buy the wedding of Kyle and Northstar on Amazon right now – for approximately $12. It was the first x-men gay marriage, one that needed a specific limited edition. 

How Many Queer X-Men Characters Are There?

There are approximately 60 sexually diverse X-men characters. It is important to note this diversity falls under several sexual orientations, including pansexual, bisexual, and a few subtexts. Certain characters are assumed to be gay, based on the simple deduction, e.g., Rogue for AIDS and Queers, and Masque, a crossdresser at one point. 

Which Character Does Boast the Gayest Mannerisms?

For most Marvel comic enthusiasts, iceman has always been depicted as outright gay. It could be his speech, mannerisms, or both. Either way, his character was revealed, officially, to be gay by marvel comics. Other X-men like Colossus hop from one orientation to another, based on comic versions. 

What about X-Men Gay Rights?

The LGBTQ community boasts plenty of fans of the comic book strip. It is because the creator of X-men was inspired by the civil rights movements of the sixties, helping him create most of the comic book's characters. Since the 1980s, as mutants fought for equality, LGBTQs embraced the idea of X-Men gay rights advocates.