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Never would you have expected there to exist a gay Scooby-doo, or did you? This comic book strip was incepted in the 1960s, with Velma, Scooby scrappy, and a few other wacky characters to boot. It turns out several readers wondered why the insistence on a seemingly awkward relationship between Velma, the geeky-dressed character, and Shaggy. 

Incidentally, Velma’s character had several innuendos tied to her lesbianism and coming out party, but political correctness would not let her out. It wasn’t until the early 200s that gay Scooby doo characters found their way into mainstream media. In 2002, the scriptwriter sought to portray Velma as a gay character in the real-life adaptation of the show. 

Executive producers, however, quickly dismissed the idea while diluting every episode to ensure noting explicitly gay was revealed. According to an AroundMen investigative review, James Gunn would later reveal that Velma is gay, and his attempt at sharing this globally had been met with criticism multiple times. 

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This show boasts multiple characters who could easily adopt lesbian or gay traits. Aside from Velma, Fred Jones might not fit into any queer categories, not even a twink. However, Shaggy could have been one’s ungroomed twink, bear, or somewhere in between. Either way, the writer Gunn implied that Velma had been a revered gay character since the comic book’s inception in 1969. 

The character boasts traits making her an icon among gay comic geeks and especially nerdy teenagers with a bisexual orientation. Between 2010 and 2013, Scooby doo had a title named Mystery incorporated, and this title was meant to be unveiling Velma’s real identity to the world. Due to Velma dating shaggy at the time, there was no way she would easily transition to being gay unless called out as bisexual. 

Members Queried; Is Velma Gay?

According to the scriptwriter James Gunn, Velma’s character is not bisexual, and she is indeed a full-blown lesbian. It is great news for fans everywhere, including one who uttered that Velma and Marci don’t have to be dating based on similar clothing choices. Interestingly enough, it seems the producers had wanted Velma’s character to remain a tad shifty as she dated Shaggy. 

The idea was to introduce her lesbianism to viewers slowly. Fans worldwide who preferred the original lore of Scooby-doo, i.e., shaggy and Velma dating and the traditional approach to comic books, would be stunned. However, it was eventually revealed that Velma is lesbian, and these traits or shifts in characters would have to be embraced gradually. 

Is Scooby Gay - AroundMen Answers This Popular Query

First off, Scooby’s character never changed to being a man or woman with a strong voice. Scooby has never been revealed as being gay, neither are there any hints of his character being gay. Scooby doo is not gay, and nothing would suggest that he was, be it his voice, mannerisms, or subtexts. It becomes considerably difficult having a dog as a gay character unless the voice behind the dog was that of a gay man.

Scooby doo isn’t gay, but it seems the likable character Velma has finally come out, years after her creators hoped she would. Cleavage was removed from a scene, and any sexual innuendos meant for the older crowd were removed as well. 

This made it drop considerably in ratings. It came as no surprise, though, as many teens had been searching for an adult-themed Scooby doo for years until Velma was outed. Funnily enough, the producer was once called out for using anti-gay slurs against marvel characters. In 2012, James Gunn apologized for these statements.

One was a suggestion that a male character is used to ‘turn’ Batwoman to being straight. Although these slurs did not directly factor into Scooby-doo, the incident might have made him more sensitive to LGBTQs. It must have contributed to his full disclosure of Velma being a gay character. Dive into AroundMen frequently asked and answered questions about Scooby doo. 


When Did Scooby Doo First Come to Play?

This animated franchise worth billions came into inception in 1969. It was a fun cartoon series created solely to keep youngsters seated and focused on something interesting during Saturday mornings. Joe Ruby and Ken spears are the original writers of this world-renowned series, which had its first series under Hannah-Barbera Productions.

How Did the Scooby-Doo Idea Come to Be?

This franchise was born out of a need for less violence on television. With shows like Birman, Space Ghost, and other Hannah-Barbera productions bringing too much violence to television, Scooby doo was born for kids. Incidentally, the same production company those violent titles paved the way for Scooby doo.

Where Were the Characters Drawn from?

A popular show known as The Many Loves of Dobie Gills was the inspiration for the Scooby-doo ensemble. At the drawing board, the tomboy persona of Velma was drawn from other lass called Sheila James, who exemplified said characteristics. These characteristics paved the way for Velma to come out.

How Long Has Scooby Doo Been on Television?

This show began early in 1969 and only seemed to be getting better. While incorporating LGBTQs, the show promises to be another long-running franchise. In 1972, modern Scooby doo shows were running at twice the duration of older shows. Scooby doo came out in 1976, with celebrities hopping on with voiceovers.

What Was the Original Scooby Doo Concept?

Initially, the show focused on the teammates solving puzzles and crimes. With time, most of this dwindled to political correctness and making the world feel represented. However, Hannah-Barbera brought back some of the older version’s characteristics for those who watched it in the 2000s to enjoy.

What Is the Story behind Live-Action Characters from Scooby Doo?

When the show went live a few years back, two characters stood out, specifically Fred and Daphne. It turns out these lovable characters are married in real life. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Michelle Gellar is a couple, which is precisely how the producer wanted them to be.