If you’ve never watched or been a fan of Hulk movies or comics, gay Hulk might make you one. If, however, you’ve been an avid follower of the Hulk series, you might not look at Hulk the same way ever again. The green muscle-bound monster, or superhero, if you will, might have a gay variation to the pleasure of many.

Rather, it may be not a variation but what was meant to be from the onset. Politics, gay rights, and censorship notwithstanding, it’s been hard to convey LGBTQ ideas in any genre, let alone comic books.

Thus, it is about time Hulk gay came out of the closet and maybe showed the world just how powerful, physically and intellectually, gays and bisexuals are. So what’s out there in terms of gay Hulk material, and are gay Hulk comics easily available, and where? Dive into our review of Hulk gay for 2021.

Is Hulk Gay? – Does It Matter?

Yes, it matters, but maybe not the way some might think. It counts that Hulk might be or is gay as far as young closeted boys are concerned. It also matters regarding perceptions, biases et al. when it comes to the treatment of LGBTQ. Finally, when a small boy with immense fear regarding his sexuality learns that one powerful superhero might be gay, their world changes for the better.

No one among us will be surprised to hear someone ask - is Hulk gay? Homosexual men are no longer deemed as frail, nor is being gay a sissified way of living. The most real, strongest, and gayest men have remarkable physiques, much like your favorite superhero, Hulk. But who determines if the character is gay? Couldn’t gay geek dating enthusiasts simply decide their favorite character needed to exemplify their characteristics without comic authors formalizing it?

It is more productive and resounding when the world acknowledges the gay community as a whole and incorporates favorite childhood characters into modern-day issues. From 2014 onwards, Marvel comics revealed they would introduce new characters, or variations, to include a multi-colored Hulk. The idea was to attract more readerships, including, of course, the gay community. However, AroundMen investigated a few gay Hulk comics with varied character traits far from what Marvel and DC comics had in mind.

Gay Hulk Comics – Green with Lust?

One example of gay Hulk comics is Erotic Avengers. This vivid collection boasts a green hybrid of a man with a huge phallus in the true spirit of avengers and other DC comics’ characters. This particular comic book focuses on illustrations and eroticism rather than storylines. Another gay Hulk comic involves the incredible bare-backing of a few superheroes. The book titled Cumception is enough to have any young boy going wild and out and green with gay envy. Another title, Hulk in Heat, is an HD comic book, whereby the gay Hulk turns on his superhero friends, quite literally. He is seen with iceman and a few other superheroes in overtly gay mannerisms.

The Incredible Hulk Gay – Yay or Nay?

The incredible Hulk character has never come out as openly gay, but there are insinuations that he might be queer. There is plenty of queer-related art boasting the incredible Hulk character being kissed by one superhero or another. Perhaps the sexiest publication yet of the incredible Hulk as a gay character boasts him making love to Superman. What could be more erotic than that? The comic book titled Superman Versus Hulk is adult porn and nothing PG rated. In this title, Hulk pounds on a teeny weeny Spider-Man, to the pleasure of gay teens everywhere. Because Hulk has never been confirmed as a gay character, not by Marvel comics anyway, the only Hulk gay comics available are creatives. AroundMen members believe these comics offer what most readers would like to see more of, or believe, to be the real characters in comic books.


Is There an Official Declaration of the Hulk Being Gay?

The incredible Hulk’s character has never officially had a gay scene, nor are their overt expressions of him being gay. In Marvel comics, few characters ever came out as gay, even during the past few decades. Incredible Hulk might be gay in the eyes of the beholder or the viewers, but Marvel character developers are yet to confirm this.

Which Male Superheroes Has Hulk Been Involved with?

There are several depictions of Hulk in gay scenes with other superheroes, who it turns out are gay. Some renditions have seen the incredible Hulk get it on with Spiderman, while he seems very keen to screw Superman in other instances. There are porn comic books with Hulk and women too.

Are There Gay Hulk Variations?

Hulkling is a younger version of the incredible Hulk, with metamorphosis abilities and, of course, superhuman strength. The character development of Allan Heinberg was meant to slowly embrace the LGBTQ ideals while staying close to the overtly gay character of Wiccan.

What Variations Are There to Hulk Gay?

In one instance, she-Hulk emerges with similar superpowers, with some implying she is cisgender. She turns out quite sexy and powerful and, in true comic fashion, possesses all the strengths of the regular Hulk, but in a feminine way. She is not gay, however, as some might have hoped/claimed her to be.

Why Isn’t There an Official Gay Hulk Coming Out Party?>

With politics and censorship, it has been profoundly harder to present comic book characters as overtly gay. That said, most characters have characteristics that insinuate gay tendencies but never actually come of the closet for the world to see or enjoy.

Are There Other Hulk Sex Comic Books besides Gay Ones?

It seems Hulk is quite the popular one with the ladies as well. Comic books are available with Hulk making love to Betty, Val, and other female characters, then switching to probing male characters like Spidey and Superman. The incredible Hulk seems to be a versatile character.