Christmas Songs

A gay Christmas song allows you to bond with newfound hunky flings, hopefully, similar-minded locals. Courtesy of experts in the field, you get to read dating tips and advice on all sorts of dating, including queer dating.

Here, we also incorporate a few Christian dating sites for your convenience. These platforms offer matchmaking dating services to locals with similar interests, genuinely seeking traditional, Christian relationships. 

While on gay Christian songs, they are not as many as one would wish. A few, if any artists, received enough airplay during past years based on homosexual content. Lately, same-sex tunes are becoming increasingly popular, with a select few falling under the Christian genre. 

Explore the web and select a few carols this festive season for you and yours, or pick out a queer Christmas song that works all year round.

A Christmas Song with Gay Innuendos

Why would a Christmas song that says gay be popular or controversial? Perhaps this era has become more accommodating and tolerant of all things different or non-conforming if you will. Regulations on airplay and tracks allowed on radio have changed too. That said, a Christmas song with gay context should not be surprising or unwelcome. There are hundreds, if not thousands of queer men linking up on web-based resources daily.

AroundMen gives insight on these sites, boasting a few tips on the best melodies for all types of dating, in this case - traditional gay Christian dating. If you've found that like-minded, possibly long-term partner you've been seeking, check out what the web offers in streaming gay Christmas songs. 

During the 70s and early 80s, web-based resources for dating purposes were hard to find. Additionally, same-sex dating was still considered unorthodox; thus, playing musical content based on homosexuality was a problem. On that note, religious bodies weren't particularly fond of the homosexual community. It means a festival considered the holiest, for Christians, could not be homosexually-orientated. And thus, a Christmas song that says gay, or implies it, would be unacceptable. 

Christmas songs with the word gay or subtle hints of gay are nothing new, and with artists coming out of the closet daily, it is commonplace to hear these songs on the radio. Explore some of the best gay tunes on the web with AroundMen, and select what suits your needs. 

Queen – Thank God It's Christmas

A song for all men as Freddie mercury sings his heart out with this melody. Singing at a pitch that only he knows best, the crew alongside him presented a queer Christmas song for all to enjoy. The song didn't have much in gay innuendos, but with the lead singer being queer; it was the perfect queer holiday song. 

Sam Smith - River

Smith produced a hit Christmas song for queer men, much to their pleasure after men cried foul. Most carols were monotonous, and their play even worse. If you've spent Xmas with family or around festival celebrations, the endless cheer around the same carols can get underwhelming. This compelled singer Smith to produce a melody with endless, gay cheer.

Ru Paul

He, or she, released a list of now classical gay Christmas songs, with melodies that can be heard to date. After releasing an album aptly titled Ho Ho Ho, other artists called the queens, who liaised with RuPaul before, took the opportunity to release their flamboyant album. London Gay Men's Chorus – what better way to spend Xmas as a queer man than Coming out at Christmas. The song's title, using melodies from the song, harked the herald angels… to create a melody about coming out of the closet. It was not only fun, but it was also refreshingly different and a far cry from monotonous carols. 

Big Freedia

Queer boys being creative means going all-out. It also means listeners will enjoy refreshing tunes, no-holds-barred. Big Freedia offered listeners something unheard of in Christmas carols, with Santa is a Gay Man. It probably didn't go down well with conservatives, but we loved it, bringing us to another hit by Pansy Division. If the hits above aren't queer enough, how about a song that downright hollers 'we are gay, and it is Christmas'? P Division offered listeners lyrics about licking nipples, nuts, and sticking things up each other's butts – Homo Christmas being the title of the tune. 

Modern-Day Christmas Song with Gay

Artists like George Michael and Freddie Mercury didn't come out as openly gay till much later in their careers. Other artists never came out, remaining closeted to date. That said, several new-age queer Xmas tunes are leaving little to the imagination. 

Not all songs are explicit as Big Freedia's would not be, nor do they boast RuPaul's raunchiness. These tunes are played over radio unbeknownst to some that they boast queer innuendos. Check out a few naughty yet family-friendly gay Christmas songs for you and yours. Be sure to lower the volume before deciding if they fit PG guidelines.

Having joined internet dating resources, you found a like-minded figure and plan on bonding over the festive season. When flirting alone, it is okay to sing about licking nuts and all. However, when the family is involved, or you happen to be partying with queer folks during the holidays, cleaner songs will suffice. 

AroundMen offers dating tips for gay men all over the world, and these tips include songs for every occasion, be it Birthdays, Easter, or Xmas. So, dress up as queer Easter bunny, or bundle up like gay Santa; the choice is yours.

Jonny McGovern

As the family gets ready to have you over for Xmas, leave your pad with your mate after listening to some funky tunes. This queer Xmas tune boasts bells and whistles only LGBTQs understand. A Dirty Gay Christmas is what McGovern calls it, and you might second that with your newfound partner. Check out Bearforce One, and few people know this group exists, and even fewer are aware it comprises four hunky dudes. These dudes made a rendition of popular Xmas songs, including Santa is coming to town and winter wonderland. They are gay, with queer tunes few family members will understand.

RuPaul’s Queens

Part of RuPaul's dream team includes William, Courtney Act, and Alaska. This trio composed some hearty and lusty seasonal tunes. After getting drinks in your system, you might feel a tad naughty and would suck off several Santas. William shares these sentiments with listeners, words you can share with your new fling too. 

Bon Jovi

When things get heated, few songs elicit raunchiness like Jovi's Back Door Santa. When nephews are asleep, and granny had excess egg-nog, click play and with lyrics like 'I am not like old saint nick,' the evening can only end on a high note.

Sharon Needles

It is a feisty version of Jingle Bells heard through the vocal cords of this equally fiery crossdresser. When drag races became more common, artists behind the costumes opened up too; hence songs like Jingle Bells were born. It is not your PG-rated version of the melodies, so check volume levels before hitting play. 

Bob Rivers

Get a mouthful and an earful of gay innuendos with Bob in the carol titled 12 pains of Xmas. This parody makes up for a year of bad luck finding a like-minded partner. Once you find them, laugh out loud together. 

Enjoy Your New Partner with Fun Christmas Song for Gays

Enjoy a gay Christmas with George Michael and pals, or check out a few hits from Ru Paul, the fancy crossdresser. Artists like Aiken and Elton John had to make a list. 

Being renowned for producing hits advocating LGBTQ rights while providing apt soundtrack solutions for movies, since the 1980s, these artists boast major hits for gay teens and young adults to enjoy. These songs create perfect opportunities to bond and create rapport, even with family around. Add color to your holiday season with your new beau with a few cool queer holiday songs to boot. These titles make for fun matchmaking and lovemaking.

George Michael

Enjoy a subtle, quiet, yet gay Christmas with George Michael and his pals in Wham, Last Christmas. It seems without any sexually explicit words or much gay slang, and the video cannot be confused for anything but a gay melody. 

Ru Paul

We all know Ru Paul as the jovial crossdresser, and in this vintage clip, we witness him, or her, at her prime. The video Nothing for Christmas is a heartfelt depiction of what several people experience during this festive season, with no one to celebrate with. It is a fantastic video for any holiday celebration, gay or otherwise. 

Clay Aiken

Mary, did you know? - Everybody knew, except perhaps him. Anyway, the song centers on a superbly homosexual man, Clay, singing to Mary and asking a few cute questions. It boasts humor and plenty of realness that queer men globally can relate to. 

Elton John

The list would be incomplete without Sir John and his flamboyance. This melody should be blasted from any speaker, be it a Bluetooth piece or soundstage bangers. If you plan on coming out, have left the closet, or seek something radiating joy and queer mannerisms, this is the song for that festive playlist. 

Joni Mitchell

It turns out this clip was a Christmas carol, after all, unknown to many. Could it be a case of homophobes, or did we just ignore it based on our standards? Well, whatever the case, Joni's River is an epic gay Christmas song for merry-making, and ice-breaking between gay lovebirds.

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