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What are some of the best comics ever published? Take time remembering some of the coolest titles ever read during the 90s and in the last few decades as well. Not only are new comic books incorporating LGBTQs, but older titles are also taking on the challenge to be more accommodating and contemporary. These gay comic books are plenty over the web and in adult book stores. They offer teenagers and young adults a chance to bond and create rapport while online dating or after planning that initial meetup. So what are the best gay comics available, and who are they geared towards? 

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Titles from the Marvel Comics sagas have transitioned to integrate gay characters that, it turns out, had these traits from the onset. Some of our best marvel characters include Northstar, Iceman, and Rictor. It turns out these characters portrayed homo traits from the get-go and were only playing it cool, for diplomacy purposes, till now. New-age comic books don’t incorporate older characters; they instead take on new protagonists who are gay from the onset.

The majority of gay comic books turn out to be quite explicit, to say the least. These are geared toward older boys and girls looking to embrace their sexuality in other ways. These books of an adult nature include sexually explicit pictures, including ethnically diverse ones. Like Black Gay Boy Fantasy, some of these titles compile older titles with remastering and re-shading to make them more appealing to today’s generation.

As mentioned earlier, most gay comic books of today boast outright gay characters, without subtle hints as to the character’s traits or who may be a gay character. The idea is to create books useful for teenagers to find like-minded bonds with each other. There are several teenagers with gay geek character traits who would love a few of the selected titles in the gay comic list compiled herein. 

The Brothers of New Essex: Afro Erotic Adventures

This gay comic book is a paperback consisting of ethnic characters. The comic strip revolves around basketball players, neighborhoods, churchgoers, and your everyday gay buddy in the hood. It is a Belasco zine compilation, with stories capturing the gay life of black men when it comes to house partying, the normal church routine, and the bar episodes after that. This gay comic book offers a narrative every gay black man can relate to. It compiles over ten years of illustrations to bring together like-minded queer boys seeking something applicable to teenagers, young adults, and mature black men. 

Mulholland Meat: Gay Pulp Fiction

As the name suggests, it centers on some epic action, unlike the world-renowned title we are used to. In this instance, a young man navigates his way through Tinsel town, hoping to become part of the glitz and glamour. It turns out there are a few hurdles he must jump through to make it to fame, if at all he does. Most of these loops include being the perfect sexual appetizer for movie moguls, brokers, as well as stars out to make some money while purporting to be helping him. It is a fantastic example of what many young men, especially from the LGBTQ community, have to face when trying to make it in life. 

Mississippi Hustler

In addition to the gay pulp series, another title related to the struggles down south is titled Mississippi hustler. The protagonist has a daddy of sorts, or sponsor, if you will who supposedly loves him and wants to take care of him. With time, this daddy leaves town, and the boy is left to fend for himself while encountering solely horny men with nothing else to offer. This gay comic book highlights the struggles young gay adult men undergo over time, without a guardian or genuine companionship. With time the boy finds his way to Hawaii, where things turn sordid, to say the least. 

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For years, the LGBTQ community faced harsh times, ridicule, and shaming being part of their community. With time, movies, series, and songs have embraced LGBTQs, so why not comic books. Some titles began as normal comics until people realized that normal wasn’t what they claimed it to be. Certain titles began embracing LGBTQs, allowing traditionally heterosexual characters to become gay. 

One of these conglomerates is Marvel Comics, integrating several LGBTQ characters making for a new-age type of comic strip. Some of these characters have long been perceived as gay. Many boast of supernatural alpha male capabilities that only gay men can appreciate. There are also remarkably sexy female characters related to marvel comics, who it turns out were queer from the beginning- or were they?

Some of the first-ever comic books and strips to incorporate gay themes were products of Gary Trudeau. The producer boasts multiple productions, including Doonesbury, which captured political figures, and men from various backgrounds. These comic books have since transitioned to become something of a political movement, with more explicit texts rather than subtle innuendos. The most popular and outwardly queer characters in comic books came about in the 1970s, with equal rights and LGBTQ promoted in the late 20th century.

So which characters are highlighted as profoundly queer or perhaps exhibiting bisexual traits? Let’s dive into a few LGBTQ comic books you and yours might enjoy, regardless of your lesbian or homosexual desires. They offer insight into navigating everyday life as queer members of society from a social perspective. They offer a fantasy-filled experience for mind-blowing sexual fantasies, revealed in animated form. 


What could be better than a story revolving around LGBTQ characters from every background imaginable? This storybook centers on young adults or lumberjacks, who, it turns out, are non-binary or same-sex interested couples. The teenagers encounter supernatural powers while camping, and the characters at this camp are from different backgrounds. Some of the kids are raised in same-sex marriages or couples, making this comic book particularly good as a reference point for all ages. Check out this title specifically as a gift to a troubled young man or a kid with lots of questions regarding the same-sex couple or their sexual identity. 

Rat Queens

Some titles aim to please subliminally, while others focus on harsh times while including sexual diversification and its struggles. This title highlights the shenanigans of a couple of ladies sentenced to community service after a few stints. These services lead to even shadier and irreverently funny escapades, where they are fighting goblins and trolls. It turns out one of the dwarf warriors don’t conform to any gender, and he loves dating people from various genders or sexual identities. It highlights the sexual struggles of many-a-men, and women, from childhood to adulthood, without using the mainstream approach - a laugh-out-loud experience for young adults everywhere. 

NO Straight Lines

A chronology and anthology of queer men and women struggle through the years. Since the 1970s, LGBTQs have enjoyed slightly better times than in years past. During severely homophobic times, the Stone Wall Inn incident stood out as a turning point for queer folks around the United States. This comic book complies with voices and illustrations from days when LGBTQs remained marginalized and harassed. For kids and adults everywhere, it is an education piece. Unlike vile or exceedingly gruesome documentaries, it shows LGBTQ struggles as less challenging or brutal. The books showcased four decades when queer folks dealt with police harassment, until presently when policemen show support during LGBT rallies. 

DC Comics – The Authority

This fantastic fantasy-filled comic book was the first of many to come to embrace gay couples in its context fully. With authority, characters like Apollo, Midnighter, Superman, and Batman worked hand-in-hand to fight crime in an openly gay setting. Incidentally, the first gay wedding takes place in The Authority, not in Marvel Comic’s x-men series as claimed. After Millar took over this LGBTQ comic book, there was a redefining of sorts concerning comic books. Years later, these changes would be seen in marvel comic books boasting characters like Iceman, and Mystique who runs out as a lesbian character. 

John Constantine

With his bisexuality becoming public in the early 90s, it wasn’t until later the character became openly gay in comic books. It happened as part of gay-playing in Legends of Tomorrow, whereby Constantine’s character began embracing queer role-playing. Unlike superhero comic books projecting queer characters as somewhat supernatural. John brings authentic approaches to queers and bisexuality. His character points to real-world representations of homosexuality. Comic book characters or fantasy-filled adaptations have become commonplace, and some don’t necessarily offer anything in terms of representation, except perhaps a form of escapism. In Hellblazer, John Constantine proclaims his constant disappointment in girlfriends and boyfriends, something every bi individual understands.