LGBTQ Comics

When meeting queer pals initially, visiting a store with LGBTQ comics is important, and it might help with ice-breaking. While online dating has become commonplace and the go-to option for liberated singles, there is a lack of adequate literature for that gay comic book geek. These books would not be available in a PG-rated store. They might be available on higher shelves in your regular comic book shop. Meeting like-minded people on nerd dating sites is not challenging anymore, and with AroundMen, creating rapport with a like-minded LGBTQ member is easy too. Take time to visit online book stores for the steamiest gay books on offer. Read on to find out which LGBTQ comics top the list of favorites and must-haves for every anime or nerdy gay dating enthusiast.

Discover the Most Popular Gay Comic Books

A couple of decades ago, gay comic books were unheard of, perhaps even frowned upon or burnt if found. The internet brought with it online dating, whereby like-minded people meet and share common interests, no matter how unorthodox they seem to others. Web-based resources like AroundMen offer dating tips and guides to finding and making merry with newfound partners. Gay comic book geeks should check several titles listed below fitting for their next geek date. These titles offer everything erotic, emotionally engaging, physically stimulating, and all things LGBTQ-oriented. Let’s check out a few LGBTQ comics for teens and young adults. 

There is plenty of sunshine for LGBTQ globally, especially those falling in the geek genre. 

DC Pride

June 2021 and dc titles are to unveil a book catering to the LGBTQ community, with over 80 pages of fantastic illustrations of gay characters. Included in this book is a transsexual character called Dreamer. Additionally, ‘out’ characters like Batwoman, Apollo, Aqualad, and Quinn among others will be represented. 

Marvel’s Voices: Pride

This production is a must-have for lovers of marvel comics and supporters or members of the LGBTQ community. The book, not out yet, promises to host gay x men characters like Iceman and Northstar, along with Young Avengers. 

Poison Ivy: Thorns

This fancy book is also a product of dc comics, captures batman’s enemy as a troubled adolescent. 

Comic Reads for Gay Book Geeks

If you happen to be a geek and an LGBTQ member, gay comic books are a dime-a-dozen on the internet. Book stores might hold these titles, too, especially in today’s more accommodating era. Some titles are being embraced in middle schools and high schools as possible reads for self-discovery. As teenagers navigate their way through love and schooling, these titles were created with their challenges in mind. Other dc comics boast authors who underwent gay challenges as youths themselves. James Tynion and Olivier Coipel are a few selected writers contributing to these LGBTQ comics. Steve Orlando and Tini Howard make up the cast of ready-to-write and inspire writers in the comic book world.

Alice in Leather-land

It is debatable whether this title is for teens or adults and not just young adults. Either way, teens are worlds away from where they were decades ago regarding maturity and deciphering capabilities. This LGBTQ comic centers on a girl finding out her lover is philandering while pinpointing the hazards of casual flings. 

The United States of Captain America

It seems not only the original captain America utilizes the shield as other super-powered beings are helping out. With this miniseries, one of the characters is a gay lad named Aaron Fischer, using the shield and its potential power to help out misfits. 

Cheer Up! Love and Pompoms

Two cheerleading girls navigate their way through high school and relationship issues while delving into the world of romance. Inevitably, their characters turn out lesbian, and thus they embark on a romantic journey. 

Other Boys

Certain LGBTQ books center on trying times boys experience during early childhood. In this case, this storybook centers on a boy who tries to remain silent to avoid bullies. He is, by all accounts, queer, and with time, he finds his tribe while navigating middle school. 

Wynd Book One: Flight of the Prince

It is a story about a young boy living in times when magic is frowned upon, and so is being sexually liberated. As he ages, his realness begins to show, with pointy ears and a desire to be with a certain boy. All gay boys can relate to this storyline. 

Gay Comic Book Geek

Nerdy dating happens daily on fancy dating sites. AroundMen members bear witness to that. A few dating tips about nerd gay dating highlight a need to find the right bonding material, no pun intended. Finding the right material, i.e., movies or books, goes a long way in securing relationships, especially at the early stages.

Having found a nerd on your favorite online dating resource, check these titles for evenings with flirting opportunities. A gay comic book geek might meet a new friend while in college, too, not just online, making for even more awkward moments. The perfect gay geek comics highlight challenges teen gays face and overcome while offering opportunities to laugh at naiveté. 

Friki Romance

If ever there was an inspiring love story linked to gays, this is it, revolving around two lovebirds who met at an event while aged fifteen. Years later, they each authored this fancy romance about two boys, cozying up as college roommates with enough tension to boot. Later on, they find their footing, even falling for each other. 

I Think Our Son Is Gay

As a mother takes note of her son’s mannerisms, this book hits home with most teens struggling to reveal any form of bisexuality to their parents. Also, the boy fails miserably while trying to express his love… liking for particular individuals - a must-read.


It is a fantasy-filled, sci-fi comic book revolving around animal-men encountering challenges as they traverse various cities. The book promises to elicit sensual, intimate feelings from anyone who dares to read the captivating 60 pages. 

Gay for Slay

It is something to do with real estate et al., not important, though. What is important is this fantasy-full comic book revolves around two characters, Deimos and Flores, who screw each other most intimately throughout the storyline. It makes for salivating reading.

Beautiful Dead

This erotic comic book centers on a group of lads navigating their way through zombie land to escape and have safe freely. They, however, rarely get to do so, but the journey is sexy enough as is. 

The Initiation

A comic book strip centering on a fraternity, whereby initiations are nothing short of gay-oriented activities. It turns out the raunchy initiations are all-too-common among the crew and even common in fraternities worldwide. This book is a must-read for every gay geek, jock, or comic geek gay enthusiast. 

The Brigade

Several factions fight off LGBTQs while other groups form alliances in various cities while indulging in fantasy-filled gay sex. This comic strip is all about society and the non-acceptance of LGBTQ. Reader discretion is advised as most of the context is of an adult nature – definitely not one for pre-schooling kids trying to find themselves. 

JOX: Treasure Hunter

This piece combines werewolf-demon-man-on-man sex that can only lead to mind-blowing sex between you and your partner or epic masturbation. Either way, the title should be enough to get you purchasing the 88-page paperback.

Gay Sex Comic Books

So you’ve met your crush online or keep noticing them at local book stores. Perhaps you’ve never engaged and are attempting to draw them closer. As you seek them out, try sending them a link to an online gay sex comic book or read it to them during your first rendezvous. Whichever approach you use, it is bound to end up in fun and steamy time with your new fling. Dive into an array of gay sex comic books listed in AroundMen for your reading pleasure. They might inspire you to come out of the closet sooner than you’d planned to, or at the very least, will give you hope for a brighter, gayer future. 

Gay Erotic Comic Books for Optimal Matchmaking

Can sexiness get steamier than this? We think not! Check out a few of these scintillatingly erotic titles for you and your gay partner today. It is one thing to break the ice with coming-of-age stories of teenage gay geeks navigating through high school, and it is quite another thing to engage a friend on their birthday with one of these titles. These promise to take his and your breath away, be it upon receipt of said books or afterward when you both make love on top of the books. Most of these titles are tagged reader advisory – they are age-restricted for an adult readership.